My forced log the untold story byJuan Munoz

Ok so starting tomorow i shall be posting logs about my dieting and workout routine and such. Here are my current goals :

  1. Maintain better mechanics that allow me to throw more smoothly
  2. gain more flexibility
  3. Throw harder (85 or more)
  4. Lose weight and just be way better over all condition wise.

i am 5’8"-5’9" and i weigh 212 lbs give or take. I throw 65-75 (im not completely sure) and i just started my training again. I mainly do alot of arm excersizes currently and i tend to do the same excersizes everyday.

How old? Playing at what level?

interesting subject heading

day one:
dieting today
for breakfast I ate some toast.
lunch i had the regular school lunch whihc today it was like… a scoop of mashed potatoes and some “turkey” and a roll.
dinner i had a little bit of spanish rice and baked ham.

I woke up today at 5:20 am and run almost a mile.
at school i did 3 reps of 10 with 30 lb dumbells.
i did what i have dubbed the “arm press” where there are 2 bars one on each arm and i had 45 lb weights on each arm ( you just push them forward alot like bench pressing) i did 6 reps of 10 for that.
i did this other thing on a machine that resembles the marine core press…45 lbs on each side i did 5 reps of 10 there.
i also did the leg press. 270 lbs 4 reps of 10.
Before i go to bed im going to do 50 push ups and 50-100 sit ups.

L-- chicken patty with wheat bread
D- white rice and some ham and pork (smaller potions of all)
i also had cake , its my sisters b-day.

Bench press 135 lb 3 reps of 10
lateral arm press (45 lbs on each arm) 5 reps of 10
marine core press 4 reps of 10
ab/tricept excersize weight-unknown…3 reps of 10
30 lb dumbell 3 reps of 10 on each arm.

i did not run this morning…it was too cold in my house…didnt wanna get outta da sheets.

i plan on doing 70 sit ups and 50 pushups tonight.

Pitchers should never bench press unless if they are using light weight and high reps, I REPEAT, PITCHERS SHOULD NEVER BENCH PRESS UNLESS IF THEY ARE USING LIGHT WEIGHT AND HIGH REPS! If you use heavy weight for bench pressing, your putting unwanted stress onto your joints and ligaments, which can lead to injury when throwing.

And also, you have to control yourself, no cake, your trying to lose weight. It dosent matter if its your sisters birthday, you’ve been eating this crap for awhile now, you need to put an end to it. Your on a diet, you need to cut down on these unneceassary food.

I still suggest that you try and buy some whole grain and whole wheat breads, and buy some deli meat, and then make some sandwiches for lunch. Those chicken patties are fried and not good for you. Nothing from school is good for you unless if its a salad or fruit. School lunch is like fast food in a way, it comes in boxes and its comtaminated with junk.

What you need to be eating are these things below:

Vegetables- Most important for your diet
Fruit- Healthy Snacks
Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast- Best low fat high protein food around
Tuna- Without any Mayo or high fat dressings is a very healthy food choice
Salmon- Healthiest fish around, low fat, high protein, omega 3’s for a healthy heart
Whole Grains/Whole Wheats- Good for a healthy heart, good circulation.
Skim Milk- Same as regular milk, just less fat, and even some brands have more protein than 1%, 2%, and Whole Milk.

Here is what you need to be avoiding:

High Fat Meats- Pork, Beef
Fast Food- Mcdonalds, Burger King, Taco Bell, you know em all
Fried Food- Pretty simple
Foods with high sugar content- Candy
Foods high in Fat- Just look at the nutrition.


wasnt the point of me putting this on here was for OTHERS to help me??
ahh well.

And i doubt bench pressing is that big of a deal.

and one more thing. until i get paid i HAVE to eat whatever is made in this house. And we’ve been through this…nothing in my house is healthy by your standards.

see ya later , mom.

bench pressing is a big deal for pitchers, you cant do it. You need to be doing exercises that work on the motions for baseball, and all bench press is doing is putting stress on your rotator cuff and shoulders. bench pressing is best for football players or hockey players because bench pressing is a power exercise. pitcher want to lift heavy with lowerbody, and light with the upperbody.

I have to agree with everyone else so far on this topic. Bench press is not a functional lift for pitching. It is a one dimensional lift that has potential to cause more damage than good. Tell me one motion that you do in pitching that emulates the motion that you do when you bench. The fact of the matter is that if you do it incorrectly or load on too much weight, you are putting a great amount of strain on all parts of your shoulder. It is a good lift if you are looking to “get huge” but not so great for pitching.

And I’m pretty sure you have vegetables. Look in your freezer and see if you have bags of vegetables. And everyone has fruit. And tell your parents that your serious about losing weight. Buying the things that I listed above are not expensive. Just tell them to replace the ordinary foods they buy with healthier versions. Like bread for example, tell them to get wheat bread instead of white bread. Its the same price, just different flavor, and more healthier.

I know what i have to buy but i just have to wait and buy it nex week. my parents are as broke as me right now aswell until they get paid.

I WILL FINALLY GET TO PITCH TODAY…i hope…its been a week…im going insane

Umm, there’s nothing wrong with the bench press…

I choose not to do it because of form issues due to my long arms, hence why I feel more comfortable using dumbbells to perform the exercise…

If you’re looking to do even more functional training-db presses on a yoga ball to help with core stability, although you won’t be able to go as heavy…

Anyways, good luck!

Also, if you’re trying to lose weight-you should be incorporating a complete protein source at every meal!

Toast for breakfast won’t cut it for you…

Aim for 6 small meals a day!

I believe it’s BWx15 calories for maintance, although, I may be wrong… With this information, cut out 500 calories from your daily caloric input… You should lose weight with this method, granted you stick to your diet/workout regimen…

And can you please post your workout routine for us to look at?

Food Shopping
I bought :
some yogurt
ham and cheese
sliced bread (white bread)
Peanut butter and jelly
2 leanquizine meals
Cup Ramen
and 2 things of instant rice (no idea why)
i beleive thats it.

My dieting has become non existent. Finals and act’s …i dunno just havent been trying overall.
Ive been looking at my pitches while I throw and cae to the conclusion that I do not throw slow.or atleast as slow as i thought. my father and I are guessing my pitch speed is now aroung 75-80. There is this High school field with a steep mound and I think i can touch 80 there. My speed is still too slow.

Also last time i pitched on the steep mound …after the game my legs calves cramped up. Is it because of the mound?

Im not sold on the no bench press theory. I see plenty of older pitchers with some big pecks. I bench about 275 max , and can crank up a fastball 90-92. As long as you stay flexible in the upper body theres nothing wrong with that sort of strength. I would love to see some supporting stats correlating high weight bench to injuries…

Yeah I dont see how it would hurt. I know there is no motion in pitching that requires it but you are still strengthening the muscles you use.