My first three starts

Here are my first three starts. pretty happy, except for the walks in the last game. the games are 5 innings each. We are 5-0 so far.

1- 5inn 14so 2wlks 0er

2- 2inn 5so 0wlks 0er

3- 4inn 7so 6wlks 0er

What kind of league plays 5 inning games?

i’m in babe ruth, or junior league, and we usually play doubleheaders, two games of 5 innings.

Nice job, B! Sounds like you’re throwing very hard – either striking out batters or walking them. Keep getting those BB’s down, and keep up the good work!

Thanks, i think the reason i walked so many the last game was because i was opening up to early, and not using my legs.