My first relief apperance of the year

Some of you may remember me. I’m 12 years old, and I play in Little League.

So today we were down 18-0 to the best team in South Orlando, and my coach puts me for the first time ever! :smiley:

1 IP, 2 BB’s, 1 HBP, no hits, no ER, 2 R’s, not bad! :smiley:

Now I’m getting the start on Monday! :smiley:

And no doubt you’ll do even better your next time out.
I will never forget the first time I had occasion to use my newly acquired slider. I had been pitching for a couple of years, winning some games and rescuing a bunch of others with the limited amount of stuff I had, and at age 16 I learned the slider. The following year there was a game in which I had to come in there in the seventh inning—the bases were loaded with only one out, our lead had been cut from 6-0 to 6-4, and a pinch-hitter was coming to the plate; our starting pitcher was getting cuffed around, and it turned out that he had developed a very nasty blister on his pitching hand and had to leave the game.
So there I was, facing a batter I had never seen before. I called my catcher out to the mound and told him to signal for just the slider, nothing else; I wanted to see how it was working. I got that batter on three sliders—inside corner, outside corner, and the crossfire which went down and in on the guy, and he never took the bat off his shoulder. He just stood there and went “duh”. Two out. The next batter I had to face was the other team’s leadoff man who was wont to go after the first pitch no matter what it was. My sequence of pitches went thus:

  1. Curve ball, which he fouled off. 2) Knuckle-curve, which he swung at and missed by a mile. 3) A “waste” pitch on which he didn’t move, which led me to believe he was sitting on a fast ball. And I thought to myself, no way is he going to get one from me because I don’t have it. I came in there with the crossfire slider, and he swung so hard he lost his balance and fell over on his tush with his arms and legs up in the air like some overturned bug! Strike three, side retired.
    I pitched two more scoreless innings after that, and my question was answered to my satisfaction—my new slider would do very nicely as my strikeout pitch. So, as I said—you’ll do better your next time out; in all probability you’ll strike out a few guys, give up maybe two hits and no runs, walk nobody—and win the game. Keep it up. 8)

Thanks for the post, I’ve never understood waste pitches, but as I move on, I think I will.

Thanks, and I’ll tell you what happened on Monday!

It’s not used much nowadays, but when I pitched years ago we would have occasion to use it. Simply speaking, a “waste” pitch is one that’s thrown outside of the strike zone just to see what the batter will do, how he will react to it. Most of the time he’ll take that pitch, because he’s looking for something else, but on occasion he’ll swing at it, and usually he’ll miss it or at best foul it off. 8)