My first MSBL Fall Classic at 41 yrs old

Anybody out there going down to Tampa in November for the Fall Classic? I am so excited. I will be one of the starting pitchers and it takes me about 3 days to recover if my pitch count reaches 80 to 100 pitches. I’m 41, is that pretty normal?

I’ll be going to Phoenix at the end of the month for the MSBL World Series.
This will be my 6th trip and two years ago we made it to the championship game (we lost 10-3).

If this is your first Fall Classic I’ll pass along some good advice someone gave me in my first W.S. tournament. When you get there you’ll be amped up and rare’n to go. Take it easy. Pace yourself. You could end up playing 10 games in 6 days, which at our age ( i’m 10 years older at 51)
is almost impossible to do without injury. If your going to pitch in one or more games and hit/ play the inf/of ask for a runner when you hit. Don’t warm up throwing or running TOO MUCH before each game. After each game find a COLD pool and a WARM hot tub. Alternate every 5 minutes. Keep it to 20 minutes. this helps keep your legs fresh. Can’t find a cool pool. Fill up your bath tub with cold water and add ice as necessary. Don’t sit in a hot tub (drinking beers) for a long time. It may feel good at the time but you’ll feel sluggish and sore the next day.

I’m in denver and I find pitching at altitude takes me 4-5 days to recover. At sea level i find recovery times to be a day shorter so 3 days for you is very good.

Good luck in Florida.