My first highschool(fall ball) performance

topic says it all,im only 13 and playing for my highschool team(they’re not that good) and i pitched 5 innings , 1 er,6 strike outs, useing only FBs changes(palm) and curve.

I thought i did well.Any pointers for me when im on the mound,like any good combos to fool a hitter?

Just keep them guessing if the count calls for a fastball through a change or curve etc…

thanks…i was doing some of that, like on 0-0(not everytime) counts i was picturing being the hitter and when im hittiong on a 0-0 count i normally think fastballs,so i was throwing changes.

also im one of those people who that when it gtes to 3-2,i wont gun a fb everytime.

How did you manage to get into high school at 13 years old? And congrats on getting the start. I’d say that’s pretty unusual to see a 13 yo pitching to kids up to 5 or 6 years older, and especially with your first-outing success.

Good luck the rest of the way!

are you really smart and skipped a grade or something? haha how did you get on the high school?

im playing for them next year,and iim pretty much betetr then the rest of the kids( except seniors)

The best pitcher is a Sophmore who throws only fbs and changes, all around 60-70 mph…

And to answer your question

Coach:Would you like to get experience in this high school fall league were in??
PLayer:Yes sure!
Coach:our game is on this date

thats cool are you going to dominate then

60-70 mph, is this varsity?

My first fall ball game was last year. I went to denver to play a team and I was in for relieve. I pitched the last 3 innings with no hits, three strikeouts and one walk. I mostly threw fastballs that day, but I would occasionally throw in change ups and some curves when I was ahead in the count.

Congrats on the successful pitching performance. I am sure you were pretty nervous before getting the ball. It sounds like you have a nice future ahead as a HS pitcher. My only advice would be to go right after hitters. Many times, younger pitchers get afraid to use the fastball to get batters out. Don’t be afraid, establish the outside fastball. If you get into a rountine of throwing too many breaking balls, you are not going to develop the arm strength that other pitchers your age. Be careful with the breaking balls. Also, make sure you are practicing holding runners on 1st and 2nd base. This seems to be a problem with young pitchers as well.

Good Luck…

thanks.and talk about nervous =]
I got the ball and my hand was almost trembling.=]

don’t forget to throw that change-up inside sometimes. especially in fastball counts when you’re behind in the count. the batter will swing early and foul it off 90 percent of the time then you can come back with a fastball that will look way faster then it actually is. throw inside a lot and don’t be afraid to hit batters because you’re not the one who’ll get hurt physically.