My First Breaking Ball - Knuckle Curve


I know. I know. A regular curveball or beginner curve should be my go to option. But my coach introduced me to the knuckle curve. Let’s just say this…

-It breaks late
-More velocity
-Easy grip

I throw it just like a regular fastball but have my index curled up, and it breaks.

I want to master it because I can throw three pitches each that look like a fastball at first.
70 mph (2&4 seam)
60< mph change up
60 knuckle curve

If anyone has tips or anyone to watch please recommend because I WILL be mastering this pitch.


So what’s your question?


Ha. I honestly should of been more clear.

I’m decent with it but I have issue it’s it slipping and how exactly to release it. Any tips or fixes ?


I have no tips on the knuckle curve but hopefully some others on the site can give you some tips. Just didn’t understand what you were looking for.


Your throwing pretty hard for your age and if your 13-14 just pick up a regular curve. Most people prefer youth pitchers to have good fastballs, a good Change up, be able to locate, control speed, than once you have that a good curveball. Scratch all the other bs out there as there aren’t many more you’ll need going to the next level.


K well I’ve tried regular. The release is weird. I just was used to fastball so knuckle curve has been a blessing just looking for tips on to further this.


I personally think the knuckle curve is a fantastic beginner curve. If thrown properly it puts no more stress on the arm than the fastball.

Your question on release… the answer is this: Throw it exactly like you would your fastball. Don’t change a thing. Just like your changeup, let the grip do it’s job. This is what gives the knuckle curve it’s late sharp break.

DO NOT: Snap your wrist, pull the shade, come around the ball, pull the string…(insert any other addage here). These actions will only result in a slower, more predictable break with slower rotation on the ball. In short a pitch that’s easier to hit.

I don’t want a ball that breaks 5 feet over a predictable arc. I want a ball that breaks a few inches, very late, and sharp.

as per the grip: Be certain your thumb is on your hand side of the seam on the bottom of the ball. If your thumb is on the seam or on the inside of the seam, you will basically be throwing a fastball/cutter.

Throw exactly like your fastball, pronate after release, follow through.


Thank you !