My fastball is a slider


Im a sidearmer left handed pitcher, but my fastball no matter if i am warming up throwing overhead, three quarter or sidearmer, my ball always tend to break even if i try to throw a fastball, this is good because i have control but, i cant throw harder because the ball always has a break. What can i do?


Video might help understand what’s actually making it slide… My son had a similar problem last year with his 2 seam… video showed he was supinating. He struggled to pronate until south_paw suggested I have him move his thumb more under his middle finger. Magic for him, able to pronate properly easily, and no more slider action, now breaking a little the other way like it should if you pronate properly… this may or may not be why your fastball looks like a slider, but it solved his problem… he got a lot of hitters out with it, but had a couple instances with minor elbow discomfort… fixed, but now we are going more towards a 4 seam and adding a a circle change and sinker… 2 seamer doesn’t get use that much even though it was the pitch he through 90 percent of the time last year…


^ What ChargerDad said. Assuming the ball is sliding to his glove side, it could be a thumb issue. The thumb should be positioned on the ball directly under his middle finger. When the thumb is positioned up the side of the ball, the wrist will tend to supinate creating the “slider” movement you see in so many young (Little League etc.) pitchers, whose hands are too small to comfortably hold the thumb beneath the middle finger. I suspect this unintended supination on virtually all pitches is a factor in the prevalence of “Little League elbow”.