My Epic Baseball Jouney/Quest

Whats up everybody. My name is Benjamin Wood and I am a full time student at a local community college. I have been playing baseball since I was 6 years old and have always dreamed of playing pro.

I love this sport and have played baseball all throughout school. I graduated in high school 2009 (after a poor senior season) and I decided to leave the game I love. At the time when In 2009 when I gave up baseball I was overweight and unhappy with myself. The next year that followed I started getting my diet right and working out 6 days a week.

I got my self in phenomenal shape. I was very happy with what I had a accomplished, but still something was missing. That thing was baseball. I play a lot of positions, but my main love is pitching. To make a long story short, this past February, I decided to give my baseball dream one more shot and have been training relentlessly over the last 3 months.

I have made GREAT strides throughout this process. I can now throw the baseball from endzone to endzone on a 100 yard football field with ease and I have touched speeds of 87 mph with my fastball.

I will be relocating to Europe and playing amateur baseball in the NLA league over there the course of this summer. At the end of the summer I plan to walk on to college team and follow my childhood dream.

But the reason I wrote all of this was to announce that I have started my own twitter account. I thought it would be really cool to post progress, videos, thoughts, games, pictures, and the occasional joke. Basically documenting my journey. Follow me @Thebwood20 and experience my trials, tribulations, and hopefully success with me. Thank you!

I will also posts updates in this log from time to time for those who don’t have twitter. If you have any questions about pitching or anything in general feel free to ask on twitter or pm.

(just started today) My twitter url:!/Thebwood20

Late night workouts are the best! Off to the weight room.