My elbow

So im a righty and ive been pitching in practices just trying to get ready for my debut which is tonight but my elbow started hurting the other day. I throw pretty much every other day. I was pitching in a practice a few days ago and all was well and good until I got home that night. I got home, got in bed, turned on the TV, and was getting ready to go to sleep when my elbow started to hurt. I got a little worried and scared, not for my elbow, but for my game which was in 5 days. I decided to just go to bed and see how it felt in the morning. When I woke up, it still hurt, so I didn’t pitch in practice that day. I just played 1st base at practice, came home, went to bed, and when I woke up the next day, not only did my elbow still hurt, my shoulder hurt now too. Now I was starting to get really worried for my game. There was no more practices until the game, which again, is today. I have been resting my arm and haven’t been throwing. Obviously, im going to have to throw tonight if theres nothing wrong because im starting pitcher, but my elbow still hurts. Its definitely not as bad as it was 4 days ago, but it still hurts a little bit, and so does my shoulder. And it might just be hypochondriasis, but i feel like my wrist is a bit sore. I have to be at the field in 5 hours so please respond quickly guys. Basically, my question is should I pitch tonight? And if you think im ok to pitch, should I stay away from breaking balls? Thanks guys!

Stop all throwing. Go see an orthopedic doctor trained in sports medicine. Do what he says.

Do you happen to be an orthopedic doctor trained in sports medicine? Ive never had to see a sports doctor and i dont know where to even start looking. Also, do you think it might require surgery? And could it effect my career later on down the road?

No, I am not an orthopedic doctor trained in sports medicine. But I played and have been coaching baseball for years, and have seen enough pitcher arm injuries, and have read enough books and medical articles about pitcher arm injuries, to know that you need to (1) stop all throwing, (2) go see an orthopedic doctor trained in sports medicine, and (3) do what he says. Failure to do so NOW certainly could adversely affect your career NOW and LATER.

Contact Dr. Glenn Fleisig at ASMI and ask him to recommend a doctor in your area. Dr. Fleisig’s contact information is here.

Also, you appear to be 13, so, after a doctor clears you, be sure to follow Major League Baseball’s pitching guidelines for your age, here.