My elbow pain

I started having this pain a few weeks ago, it’s a sharp pain inside of my elbow. Everytime I throw the ball hard when I am pitching it gives me mild pain. It seems to me like my velocity as decreased also. Sometimes, it is a struggle to not throw the ball in the dirt.I think it started one game when I pitched a curve. I have no pain when flexing my arm or doing anything else beside throw, but when I stretch my arm it is tight above the elbow. When I ice my arm, my pinky and the area around it tingles and it feels like a burning pain, kind of like my hand is falling asleep. Someone please inform me!

See an orthopedic specialist, one you trust.

[quote=“Dino”]See an orthopedic specialist, one you trust.[/quote] I don’t “know” any, I can make an appointment with a random one, but I can’t be sure he knows about pitchers and baseball.

Ask around chances are someone in your area knows a qualified surgeon or sports clinic in your area that then can refer you to a surgeon who knows what they are doing.

Even if you call up a random surgeon’s office the receptionist should be able to refer you to a sports doc. Just explain your situation to them.

How do you expect an internet message board to be able to answer the question do I need TJ?

Check this out

This is probably a good choice for you since you’re in Boston.

Peter Asnis
works there, the team surgeon for the BoSox, pretty sure he know’s what he’s doing.

Just do some researach man this took me 5 mins to find.

It’s your body and it’s something that will effect the rest of your life.

I went to the local clinic and got an x Ray, nothing seemed to be wrong, they said it’s bone inflammation and that i should rest for a week. I play basbeall 7 days a week with 5 games a week. Thanks!


Was going to reply but I didn’t notice you already got x-rays, sorry.

Should I get an MRI? Maybe it’s not something with my bone.

It’s your body you should know it better then anyone, especially a faceless and nameless message board.

If you have doubts get a second opinion.

What kind of clinic did you go to? Sports, ortho, or Instant care clinic.

I personally would see an orthopaedist who specializes in sports medicine. Why take a chance .