My cutter

Hey Guys,

I throw from a low 3/4 arm slot and I’m trying to develop a cutter to complement my 2 seamer/sinker. I’ve tried a lot of grips but nothing seems to work and the ball doesn’t seem to move really…any suggestions? Grips and technique welcome!!!

Use your fastball grip with a small amount of supination.

From the NPA: A curve is 90 degrees of supination from the fastball position. A slider is half the supination of a curve (45 degrees) and a cutter is half a slider (22.5 degrees). Set the angle early and maintain it through ball release.

So there is no particular grip? Just turn my wrist?

The best grip is taking your 4-seam fastball and off-centering your fingers. That never worked for me, so I use a 2-seam fastball grip and off-center it.

Experiment to find what works best for you. Generally, it’s thrown with a fastball grip. But you can try with the fingers together or apart. And you can try orienting the ball differently within your grip.

i take the four seam grip put my fingersa to gether an d get off cetnter. put more pressure on my middle finger

someone said take the two seam grip. i have to try that. i never though of tht

Be sure to make sure your release is out in front, to me thats key to getting that sharp late movement. and the snap of the wrist is key too. u want the middle finger to be the last thing touching the ball as u release