My control is terrible

ive have pitched for about 6 years mostly because of my arm strength. But every year its hit or miss with my outings. some days i will be dead on but most times i am all over the place. i do know i have a tendency to fly open too soon and pull my upper body off to the left side (im right handed) but i just cant seem to fix it. If i could just throw decently consistent and accurate then i would blow it by people. But 85 mph is useless out of the strike zone. i am at the point of almost giving up pitching and just playing outfield. i would greatly appreciate it if anyone has any suggestions.

Well how much do you put into it? Have you posted video? what does your coach or dad or friends say? We could tell you all kinds of stuff and send you in the wrong direction. Falling off can be a bunch wrong…or not much. How much time do you spend working on it? We will always be here for help but give us some better idea of how we can.

i put about 85-90% into my pitches, rarely 100%. my dad seems to think my pitching hand comes behind my back when i split and that results in a bad arm slot. i dont have video posted because i dont have a video camera that will upload. many times i find myself straight arming the ball, having no flexion in my elbow at all. my coaches always tell me to stay closed but it seems no matter what, i always fly open early.

Not how hard or the effort of the pitch, how much time do you spend working on mechs…drill work, bullpens…I’m glad to see your dad and coach are paying attention…today I’ll try to give you some drill work, it may seem simple and even to a point trivial…but give it a chance, it may help…I just have to work right now so it will be a little later

Try to get a video asap

go to

then baseball

then the pitching mechanic

that should help you alot

One thing you might be doing is rushing your pitches and/or hooking your wrist. Try slowing down your motion a bit and when you take the ball out of your glove try to point it towards second base after yuor arm swing and then lead elbow first but above shoulder