My considered daily routine

I’m thinking that for a daily routine, this is what I’m going to do. After school i go to my local batting cage (more of a small indoor baseball facility that my summer ball coach owns) and do 30 push ups. After that I do 300 jump ropes. After that i go and hit a bucket of balls (cage). After that I do 400 jumping jacks. After that I go do about 2-3 buckets of whiffle balls off of a tee. Then I warm up and throw about 30 pitches, then I warm down. Then I finish with 300 jump ropes. Then I finish with another 30-40 push ups. I plan to increase the number of jump ropes I do a day by 100 per day. Does this sound like a good pitching daily workout and a good baseball workout in general to anyone? Oh ya, I actually do GOOD push ups too.