My college lifting program: tweaking?

Hi, recently I received an email from my college coach detailing the beginning of our summer lifting program. I was simply asking what I should add to it. Any feedback appreciated

Gustavus Adolphus Baseball: 2010 Summer Strength & Conditioning:
Base Lifts (3 by 8 unless states otherwise)
Barbell Front Squats
Barbell Push Press
Overhand Grip pullups (3 sets to fail)
Paired w/ Med Ball Pushup series 5 with Right hand on ball 5 with left hand on ball
5 with both hands on ball
1 Leg Stability Ball Wall Squat (2 sets of 10 each leg)
Overhead Squat 2 x 10 (Arms extended holding bar overhead. Use Light Weight)
Glute/Hamstring negatives
(With Partner or on Machine)

Plyometrics (weeks 1,3,5)
2 sets of 8 reps of each of the following
Lightweight Dumbell Squat Jumps
Jump Tucks
Split Jumps
Side to Side Hurdle Jumps or Box Jumps

Plyometrics (weeks 2&4)
2 sets of 6 reps of each of the following with 10 yard burst off of the last rep
Split Jumps
Jump Tucks

Shoulder Circuit
Rotators 2 x 8 each
Internal & External Lying down optional

AB/Lower Back Circuit
2 x 20 of each

  1. Medball V-ups (Arms & Legs Extended, bring ball to toes)

  2. Superman (Hold for a long count at the top-“One-One Thousand”)

  3. Rocky Situps (Brace your feet, Do a full situp & Twist both ways at the top

  4. Dolphin Crunch (Just like superman except with your arms by your sides. Push hips throught the floor on each rep)

  5. Coffins (Lay flat on your back and do a situp with your upper body only, keeping your legs straight)

Looks fine. Don’t overwork yourself. Make sure to get in plenty of long toss and baseball skills-oriented work before fall ball, too. Even though fall ball and offseason work are billed as “skill development” times, you want to come in sharp and impress your coach right away.

Make sure the internal/external rotation stretches are NOT optional, especially if you’re a pitcher. I’m not a huge fan of the overhead barbell push press, but it’s the offseason and it’s likely to be fine.

“Make sure the internal/external rotation stretches are NOT optional”

I must have missed that, on the Excel spreadsheet it was lying down optional. The rotator cuff was necessary but you would lie down if you wanted too.

I tried it tonight and its pretty tough. There is a second part thats were expected to start in a few weeks, thats supposedly more advanced.

Whoa! I don’t like the look of the program… Too much pressing, not enough pulling, and three of the lifts are potentially setting you up for an impingement (if not properly supervised).

  1. Substitute a stability ball push-up (with feet elevated) for the push press
  2. Switch the overhand grip pull-up to a parallel grip (another shoulder saver)
  3. Scrap the OH Squat and instead do waaaaay more single leg work
  4. Add rows in all of their variations (DB’s, TRX, blast strap inverted, etc.)

Sorry dude, but it gets a C- in my humble opinion…