My change different

I throw what is called a vulcan change which is a basically a splitter but your fingers are a little bit closer together[/img]

I think you tried to put a pic up for us to see but there is no picture here.

Try to visualize this: you grip the ball as for the splitter but with your index and middle fingers just off the seams, not as wide apart as you would do for a splitter (or its more extreme cousin the forkball). Another version of this is to have your index and middle fingers together just off one seam and the fourth and fifth fingers off the seam on the other side—think of Spock’s “Live long and prosper” hand sign from the original “Star Trek” series. And there you have Vulcan Change #1 and Vulcan Change #2. Of course, you have the thumb underneath the ball for support—and remember, you have to throw these pitches with the same arm motion and the same arm speed as the fast ball, because therein lies the deception which is such an integral part of any changeup. 8)

not as much as a splitter but just off the seams but not touching at all. thumb under the ball and other two fingers to the side for support. for more falling action throw with palm facing target