My bicep is really sore


hi my a 15 year old right handed pitcher and I this soreness in my right bicep and it doesn’t stop I’m going to rest and ice my arm for this week and not pick up a baseball. Anyone have any ideas of what I should also do thanks.


How longs it been bothering you?


Only a few days I’m going to rest it for a while and just not throw


If that soreness doesn’t go away, see a doctor and get it checked out!


Very sorry to hear that. Pain in the biceps usually happens with there’s a mechanical or strength inefficiency and requires the following:

  1. Ice/rest
  2. Building strength
  3. Improving mechanics

Of course, persistent pain isn’t normal and you should check with a doctor who can tell you if it’s a bigger issue.


Thanks you so much my arm is feeling better but I’m still not going to throw. I needed this rest.


Thanks to all who helped I found out I have a tight rotator cuff and all I need to do is stretch a lot.