My baseball journey


Haha 110 pitches in a bullpen is insane. Insane. You didn’t specify what percent or effort level, but either way I am happy to say that it is just stupid. What was the point? So every time you keep saying you are sore…well yeah there is a reason…don’t be an idiot.

To each their own brother, but obviously you do what everyone around you wants you to do instead of using that thing called your brain.

Once again, don’t be an idiot. Been in professional baseball for 12 years…would never think about doing half the stuff you have done or what your coaches have told you…and I’m open to the creative element of evolution. If this feels like a lashing…its a simple use of words that is meant to see whether or not you are bright enough to open your eyes.


I didn’t pitch full strength the whole 110 pitches, i only pitched hard for about 20 pitches, every other pitch was focused more on mechanics and control at probably 60% strength


last sunday i started the semifinals of a mini tournament my team was in. I pitched 2 innings and 2 outs. i had 1 Earned run, i gave up a double then a single and was moved to 1st. I struggled with control that day. The pitcher after me gave up a hit and the runner that hit the double reached home. my slider wasn’t great that day so i relied more on my fastball and curve. i had 2 strikeouts, 1 walk. i rested since the end of the tournament which ended on monday with my team coming first. that was the end of travel ball and now i train until varsity rolls around in early february.

today i threw a 60 pitch bullpen along with going to the gym, i struggled with control but it seemed like i was throwing a bit faster. i reviewed my video of my bullpen today and there were some small changes in my pitching form. lately my curveball is getter better with a sharper downward break but my slider is getting worse in terms of control and break.

i talked to my coach about giving up the forkball, i don’t really like throwing it and it doesn’t break much. i can’t really control the fork anyway. for now i’m going to stop throwing it and work on developing on a 2 seam.

my goal until varsity starts is to be able throw 4-5mph faster and learn a two-seam and polish my slider and curve. if i can manage to control a good 2-seam then i will start on a changeup. my most important goal is to make varsity.


i got sick yesterday


so school let out for three weeks and i threw multiple bullpens each week. every bullpen lasted about 50-60 pitches with a few days of rest in between. each bullpen had a different focus such as velocity, control or breaking balls etc. today our team had our first practice and i threw 35 pitches. practiced infield at first as well. fielded quite a lot, for about an hour and a half. i also practiced batting for 45 minutes. we ended the practice with sprints for a three hour practice.


on tuesday. i pitched 75 pitches and the day after my shoulder was sore. I have another game on saturday and sunday. my control was good and so was my speed but my control was getting worse as i got tired. i hit off the tee on wednesday and now im taking a break yesterday and today.


on Saturday i came in to close the game and struck out 2 walked one and made one ground out. This was a rec league game but the people who join this league are mostly people who play travel ball and play Varsity or JV, so the teams are comparable to a small Varsity team or a strong JV team. The game on sunday was a travel ball game, with a new coach as the old coach had complications. I quit the travel team after that game, deciding it would be better to train for varsity instead of waisting my time playing travel ball with a coach that will always play his son and other coaches sons no matter what. The coach also doesn’t care about statistics and always plays favorites, he also picks on me quite a bit even though i led the team in many stats and he refuses to play me. The pitchers and first baseman that he subbed in instead of me gave up tons of runs and made a bunch of errors. They also didn’t hit well at all. I have the second highest batting average on my team and led the team in rbi and era, i also almost never make errors at first. the difference between me and his favorites are that the moment an error happens that involves me in some roundabout way, i get subbed even though the player that actually made the error gets to play the whole game. My dad talked with me and decided that it wasn’t worth it to be benched every game and waste my time on this team when i could be in the gym or training, as it would be a total repeat of what happened a few years ago when i had the same coach.

two days ago i caught the flu and i’ve been stuck in my house for the past 2 days. My shoulder recovered from being sore, but i can’t throw, hit or participate in any physical activities leaving me restless even with the flu.


Well get rockin and Rock on. Do you believe in your self? If so get rockin!!!


So there are a lot of things i do that i don’t log like bullpens and games because i don’t remember to log everything. yesterday i went to the gym and today i am super sore, especially my arms.


yesterday i pitched a twenty pitch bullpen. I started pitching my splitter again but with a different grip. My splitter with the new grip is much better than the old splitter that i used to throw. My coach really liked my splitter so i decided to start using it again. I just have to practice keeping it low. My curveball is getting better with more downwards movement and is sharper and faster than before. My slider has more downward movement than my curveball which it didn’t have before, lately my slider has become more of a slurve. today i also pitched a bullpen of 25 pitches. Now i’m constantly alternating between 2-seam and 4-seam grips for my fastball. It feels like my 2-seam gets more movement than the 4-seam which is good. sometimes when i throw my 4-seam for balls two or three times in a row., i will switch to my 2-seam and i somehow regain my control and vise-versa.


For the past week the varsity team has been having tryouts. i made the second cut and the final cut is going to be announced on Friday…


I haven’t logged in a while, but I made varsity. practice goes on for 5 days a week for about 2 hours everyday. I try to go to the gym and workout or run when i have the time and energy because i still have to go to school.


The other day i was called to close out a game and i struck out the side. The coach isn’t having me pitch much, mainly because the starting catcher is hurt so i’m primarily catching right now. When the starting catcher was playing, i would start at first or pitcher but now i have to catch almost full time.


Yesterday i heard my back crack while doing homework and it started hurting prety badly. after stretching out i decided to sleep through it hoping it would get better. I woke up today and it hurt really badly, but halfway through school the pain is going down and i can twist around better. I’m pitching later in practice today so hopefully by then the back pain is gone or mostly gone. I’m going to log how i do later.


During the bullpens in varsity practice the coach only lets us throw 2 pitches, a fastball and an off speed. for me it was my 4 seam and curveball, the coach wants us throwing 4 seams for some reason. the last bullpen i started pitching a few splitters, the coach is letting us add another pitch. lately my splitter has become a sort of winning pitch for me other than my curve. my splitter now has late breaking action down and into a righty, it was hard for my catcher to catch the first 2-3 times. i threw it. my curve was also good, it had a sharp break that bullpen. i started experimenting and stumbled across a slider in that bullpen, it still dropped vertically but had more horizontal break than my curve and it was faster. i want to start experimenting with this slider after varsity. i stumbled across this slider when i decided to stiff my wrist when throwing my curve and change my angle a bit. it’s very different than my old slider that i used to throw.


My varsity team finished second in the biggest tournament we play in. with schools from five different countries.


So I haven’t logged in many months, so here we go. Lots of things happened in the months that I didn’t log. For the summer I had trained at the driveline facility. The sad thing was because of the shape my arm was in I couldn’t throw much, except for some light throws here and there. (check my other posts). I was mainly hitting there, And I was extremely happy with the results. My top exit velocity went up a whole lot and I think I hit 88 or 89, and my average exit velocity went up a lot too. I got to meet Tim Lincecum at driveline and participate in a lot of live at-bats, which was AWESOME!!! During the summer I got a PRP Injection, and my next injection is scheduled for this Friday. For the next two months I’m shutting down from baseball and I’m gonna focus on studies (trying for a really high SAT and ACT score), hopefully after two months my arm will feel great and ready to go.


Just got my second PRP injection, hurts so bad but not as bad as the first injection