My baseball journey

So this is just a baseball journal where i log my daily baseball stuff such as bullpen, hitting, fielding, workout and other things. Im 180CM graduate high school in 2019. Im a RHP and also play 3rd base.


So currently i’m in phase 3 in the tuffcuff conditioning section. Today is thursday so i’m doing day 4. lately both my shoulders are hurting and my right shoulder hurts when doing pushups. this is weird because i don’t feel pain when pitching but my left shoulder hurts when hitting. So far i’m 15 and should be touching 70 but i haven’t tested it in a long time. I feel like i’m throwing a lot faster than last year and i was only throwing 60 last year.

Yesterday i threw 25 pitches to a net. I threw about half of them for strikes. It wasn’t that great because i always throw better with a catcher, I somehow feel disorientated when throwing without a catcher. My curveball was working great and my fastball was great too. I was working on my 2seam/sinker, I can’t really tell the difference between the 2seam/sinker and my fastball but i felt like i had more control with it. After i threw live pitches to a lefty batter but no catcher. He nailed my fastball to the outfield sometimes but could never hit my 2seam/sinker, So that left me wondering if my 2seam/sinker actually breaks differently from my fastball or not.

the other day i threw 3 at bats to the best hitter on our travel team. I managed to make him pop up 2 and edned up walking him in the end cause he kept fouling my control was good for the first two at bats but for the last one i lost some control and placed the pitches badly which probably lead to walking him.

what kinds of pitches do you throw

I throw a 4 seam, 12-6 curveball,changeup, a splitter and a slurve/slider which keeps alternating between the two for no apparent reason which means i’m probably doing something different every time i throw my slider.

that seems to be the case sadly

yesterday i threw ALOT for pitching drills and my elbow felt really sore everywhere. today my elbow and shoulder are throbbing and while throwing yesterday my elbow was hurting near the tommy john area, which was frightening.

Very much so. Apply heat and then ice the area every 4hours, or as often as possible.

Could just be tendinitis of the inner elbow, medial epicondylitis. Id try to have someone (preferably a doctor) preform the valgus stress test. Typically arms with injured UCLs will feel unstable.

yesterday i was pitching and my coach taught me to throw different pitches. he made my arm motion for my slider more 3/4 quarters and twist my wrist more. this makes my slider break more than my regular over-the-top snap of the wrist slider but i don’t know if it would be harmful to my arm. he changed my splitter to a forkball which i don’t really like much, probably due to 2 of our pitcher already throw a forkball but the main reason being that it comes out really slow out of my hand and barely any spin so basically a really slow knuckleball. He changed my changeup from a palmball to a circle change.

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a circle change is easier to throw than a palmball

Yesterday i threw a 20 pitch bullpen and my control was pretty good, my curve was excellent yesterday. my slider was was pretty good and my forkball is still pretty mediocre. controlling the forkball is pretty hard as i was only able to throw one out of every three for a good course.

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2 days ago i went out to close the game when we were winning by 2 runs. I walked the first batter as i didn’t get a proper warmup. i need a long time to get warmed up but i was playing first base the whole game and i went up to bat before the last inning. i flyed out to the outfield then had to go get my glove and go back out to pitch.i struck out the next two batters and the fourth batter flyed out.

Yesterday when i pitched in the bullpen my fastball seemed faster than before and my curveball was a lot sharper and broke a lot later than before making it an even better strikeout pitch. i don’t know if it will continue with the late break today but i’m going to try and replicate what i did yesterday. my slider was also good breaking a little over a foot. the new sinker i learned also has late sharp break but it doesn’t break that much but the coach said it would be a good ground out pitch. i didn’t throw my forkball yesterday but i really want to switch back to the splitter.

elbow has a little pain so i’m taking a few days of rest until the game on sunday, i’m going to check if it is still hurting on Saturday to see whether i will pitch or not.

it’s been a while since my last post. Yesterday i threw 110 pitches in a bullpen. I know it’s extreme but people do that a lot where i live. my control was excellent yesterday and my breaking balls were also good. my forkball got a lot better and i’m able to control it better now.i’m not throwing again until saturday.

Is that serious?

that is alot

yes i’m serious

Saturday i pitched one inning in a game. i walked the first batter and struck out the next. then the next two batters hit the ball straight back to me and i got them both out at first.