My baseball journey- 2019 LHP


This is the first log of my journey I am a LHP from Pennsylvania I play for a high level travel team out of Maryland. I am using a weighted ball program. Currently of the mound I throw 73-75 here are my timeline goals
End of high school season- 76-78
Mid summer- 77-80
Start of fall season- 79-81
Every week I will give you an update going through each day.


How old are you. Maybe post a video also. Could help track your progress. Good luck!


I am 15 years old 5’11 183 lbs


Hey guys here’s a little update:
I have now brought my weight down to 178 while losing fat I have noticed muscle gain.
My next velo day is on Monday and I have a bullpen tonight and I will recap it after.

I’m planning on buying Ben Brewster’s book (Building the 95 mph body).

I’ve been switching from a straight bar to a trap bar for deadlifts. I’ve noticed that is puts a lot less pressure on my back and makes me focus on better form.

Here’s a sample workout for me:
10-15 minutes of cardio or 1 mile
Ab work (medball work/ab workout circuit)
Whatever day it is (chest,legs,abs,back/shoulders)
Scap work
Hip strengthening


So it’s been a minute since I’ve posted.
As of right now I’m 6’0 191 throwing 81-83 I hit all of my goals for velocity and I am now setting new goals.
Start of Spring: 84-86
Start of summer: 85-87
Also be committed to a D1 school to play baseball.
I am now doing driveline and working out with my schools baseball strength coach.


Please keep posting.

My son is also a left handed pitcher sitting in the mid 70s going into his freshman year. He will not turn 15 until late June.

He’s a tad smaller than you, 5’8" 125.

Like you, he also does the Driveline program religiously and lifts several times a week.

Having a point of comparison would be great.