My baseball journey- 2019 LHP


This is the first log of my journey I am a LHP from Pennsylvania I play for a high level travel team out of Maryland. I am using a weighted ball program. Currently of the mound I throw 73-75 here are my timeline goals
End of high school season- 76-78
Mid summer- 77-80
Start of fall season- 79-81
Every week I will give you an update going through each day.


How old are you. Maybe post a video also. Could help track your progress. Good luck!


I am 15 years old 5’11 183 lbs


Hey guys here’s a little update:
I have now brought my weight down to 178 while losing fat I have noticed muscle gain.
My next velo day is on Monday and I have a bullpen tonight and I will recap it after.

I’m planning on buying Ben Brewster’s book (Building the 95 mph body).

I’ve been switching from a straight bar to a trap bar for deadlifts. I’ve noticed that is puts a lot less pressure on my back and makes me focus on better form.

Here’s a sample workout for me:
10-15 minutes of cardio or 1 mile
Ab work (medball work/ab workout circuit)
Whatever day it is (chest,legs,abs,back/shoulders)
Scap work
Hip strengthening


So it’s been a minute since I’ve posted.
As of right now I’m 6’0 191 throwing 81-83 I hit all of my goals for velocity and I am now setting new goals.
Start of Spring: 84-86
Start of summer: 85-87
Also be committed to a D1 school to play baseball.
I am now doing driveline and working out with my schools baseball strength coach.


Please keep posting.

My son is also a left handed pitcher sitting in the mid 70s going into his freshman year. He will not turn 15 until late June.

He’s a tad smaller than you, 5’8" 125.

Like you, he also does the Driveline program religiously and lifts several times a week.

Having a point of comparison would be great.


Hey man I haven’t been on here in a while sorry about that but right now I’m 6’0 around 200lbs. Im going to a juco next year and right now I’m around 81-83 I am a late bloomer but your son is ahead of me velo wise going into his freshman year compared to where I was at that time, make sure he keeps working hard and stays on his stuff.


Thank you so much for responding.

My son is still 15, won’t turn 16 until late June, and he’s at 77 mph pull down with 73-74 off the mound.

He’s grown to 5’9" 138 lbs.

He’s working out 5 times a week in preparation of the upcoming season.

Monday, Thursday Saturday-velocity program

Tuesday-Pitching specific conditioning

Wednesday-Strength, Speed training


Mustang21, when you say “pull down” what does that mean? Crow hop and throw??