My Baseball Journal


Jimster wow I can’t believe you’re graduating those years went quick.

All the best man


I see exactly what you’re saying. I’ll work on that next week when I do some more throwing next week. Thanks!


They sure did. It’s weird to think about, but I can’t say I’m not glad to be moving on to the next part of my life.


What’s the plan after graduation?


I’m moving to one of my dad’s rental houses and I’m going to help maintain and work on his rentals as well as look for a summer job. I’m also going to be looking for a teaching job and prepare for that.

Depending on how I do in a powerlifting I’m going to do on April 16th,I can be potentially going to Las Vegas for a national meet and potentially go Las Vegas again in November another meet.

Once I find a teaching job, I’m going to teach for a year and then start applying for graduate schools. I want to do my graduate work in either kinesiology or exercise physiology in order for me to do research into cognitive function and how it relates to resistance training and potentially doing some research or work in seeing how motor learning affects cognitive function in other areas.

But the big thing now is finding a good teaching job in either Special Education or Physical education, my two degrees, getting some money saved, do some powerlifting meets, and continue progressing in my lifting stuff.


Sounds like a solid plan.

Good luck


Some pitching and throwing work I did from last weekend. I did these after my workout, and I only made about a dozen throws total.

I liked my last two throws the best. ( The ones taped from the back.)

My throwing has been feeling pretty good. If it stays warm here, I’m going to try to get out and do some long tossing, but with Ohio in the spring, good weather is sporadic.

And also, my last day of student teaching is today. Graduation next week. Can’t wait for that.

Here is a video of my first powerlifting meet I completed earlier this month.


Awesome job Jimster!!
What happened to the skinny kid with glasses we used to know?

Great numbers…and at sub 180 lbs?
Great job.

For the younger players on the board 589 lbs at 179lbs body weight…that is strong.


I still got the glasses. Haha :sunglasses:

But thanks fearsomefour, I appreciate the kind words. I’m built really well for deadlifts. It’s nice because it’s much easier to work on building up my squats and bench. My goal is to get a 1411 lbs total under 181 lbs, so I have a lot of work to get to that point. I want to be able to do the Arnold Classic in Columbus next year or the year after that. So lots of work to do. This is only the start.

Ironically, at the meet, I weighed less than when I started college. I’m back up to 185-187 lbs now and will stay there until I cut for my next meet to around the same weight.

It’s amazing how much stronger I have been able to get now that I put that as my main focus. I always lifted a lot before, but without the focus on outside things, I’m able to really put all my energy into my lifting related stuff.

I think deadlifting a lot more has helped me too. I used to not do it very much and not like it all because my grip is pretty weak.

I just had a thought. Since I do a lot of focus on lifting and fitness stuff now. I’m open to helping anyone develop strength and fitness plans that they may want to do. I can also help people with their form/mechanics if they share videos with me of them doing different exercises.

I think there is a great community here to look at pitching/throwing mechanics, but I think I can help people out with their form/mechanics on their different lifts and give people some advice of what they can do. I’m not a super expert, but I do know more than the average bear. :smile:


Hi, all I hope everyone is doing well. I had the urge to pop back on here for a moment. My thoughts about the time I spent on here were brought up because I’m starting a blog on a weightlifting website to talk about my lifting stuff.

A link to that is here:

I also still post regularly on YouTube as Jim The Third.

Besides all of that, here is a brief update to me the person.

I am starting my second year of teaching in a week. I am an Intervention Specialist for 4th and 5th grade, otherwise known as special education. I lift all the time now and have recently begun focusing on improving the Olympic lifts.

I spent the whole summer coaching baseball, my first time coaching, and I had a great time doing so. Being much stronger than when I stopped throwing has shown me how much more explosive I am as an athlete. I threw off the mound occasionally, mechanics felt good, but I pretty much strained a muscle every time I threw. It feels good knowing that I probably am throwing harder than I have ever thrown. We have some guys throwing in the mid 80’s and our catcher thinks I throw faster than them. So there’s that. It’s something that’s fun to still do, but I don’t have any desire to go start working at that.

I also just bought a house, which I have recently moved into, so there’s a lot to do with that.

I hope everyone on here is doing well and reaching toward’s their goals. If anyone wants to reconnect or connect with me, please reach out to me on my social medias. I use Instagram and YouTube the most.

I put my YouTube above, so I won’t put that again.

My Instagram is @jimtheiii

Have a great day everyone!