My Baseball Journal


Is anyone else having problems embedding youtube videos in?

It hasn’t worked for me for a while now.


double post


double post



On my last cycle of the weighed ball program that I’m on. Mechanics feel and look good. I’m not having to put in a lot of effort to make them be consistent and where I want them to be, which was one of my main goals of doing the program.

I’ll have a video of my last session up sometime today.


I accidentally left some bit of my video on the end. I trimmed it off, but it may still be on there for a little while. Total video is only 1:10 minutes, not 2:50


I don’t much feel like posting my last video. Not for any reason other than I don’t want to spend the time to edit and upload it.

In my last session, I added a run-up step to my pull-downs and weighted balls throw to try to get more momentum behind my throws and I feel like it worked. I had some issues coming off my back foot a little too early which caused me to open up a little too soon, but I was able to get my mechanics back where I want them to be.

I won’t be able to throw until after break, so I will be using the holiday to rest my arm and body in general. I’ll be doing some light workiouts, but nothing too intensive.

Once I’m back throwing again, I’ll be getting some velocity numbers, so I’ll be sure to share those with you all once I get those, but I want to wait until after the program’s completion to get those.

I have a feeling my numbers will be similar to what they were when I gunned myself in the summer, but the big difference now is that I’m not dealing with tendinitis. But not having tendinitis is leading me to think I’ll be throwing faster than the summer.

But we’ll see.

Have a good holiday, everyone!



Newest video. I added music and made a new channel for just my throwing and other workout videos I may make.

The channel url is here.


My throwing session today was quite brief because my knee flared up a bit today. I don’t want to push through the pain, but rather, give it rest and let it get back to where I want it to be.

My plan is to give it some rest until Friday when I’ll throw again, and I’ll hopefully have some mph numbers for you all to chew on.


How’s your knee feeling? Hope the recovery process was quick and you’re back in action.


How’s the knee jimster?


I have decided to put throwing on the shelf for now. The ball coach-pocket radar gun that I bought simply didn’t work. I would never recommend anyone getting it. The owner of the product is very helpful and tried to help, but his product simply doesn’t work.

The whole thing with me getting that gun and it not working got me to decide to stop throwing for now. I don’t know if I’ll pick it up again later. I may start long tossing in the summer if I can find someone to throw with, but who knows.

Right now, I’m focusing on school, working out, and goals related to those things as well as goals related to my YouTube channel and blog.

If I get consistent access to a radar gun in the future, I may pick up throwing again because I would still like to have goal related to throwing velocity, but I don’t want to spend the money on a new gun for something that is essentially a hobby for me now.

We’ll see what the future entails, but for now, throwing is on the backburner.

My knee is doing a ton better now. I have been doing a lot more lifting, running, and jumping and haven’t had issues with pain, so my decision had nothing to do with my knee. But for the reasons I described above.


You will do well in whatever you pursue Jimster. You have a great mindset toward goals and work in general. Chin up kid.


I’ve enjoyed following your journey over the past 3 years. Based on your work ethic and commitment, I have no doubt whatsoever that you’re going to be very successful Jimster. New day, new opportunities. Always.


Jimster, How are things going for you? Did you decide to start throwing again?



I have some plans to do some throwing this summer perhaps. I’m going to be doing a powerlifting meet this April 16th, and then I graduate from school in the beginning of May. So after that, I may pick up some long tossing again.

If I do decide to do some throwing, it will be focusing on distance and long toss. Nothing serious. Just some fun with throwing. And if I do decide to do some throwing, I’ll post some videos on here of it when the time comes. But nothing for now,

Here is a link to a 'mock meet" that I did to get some baseline numbers if you are interested.

Nothing I am pursuing now, but I do have some athletic goals that I want to at some point pursue either individually or together and they are as follows:
-Dunk a basketball (can currently dunk a dodgeball)
-Pitch a baseball 90 mph/Long toss 350 feet (I haven’t thrown in months, so I’m far away from both I’m sure)
-Kick an NFL extra point
-40 yard dash sub 4.7 seconds

Related to lifting:
-600 lbs deadlift (585 lb current max)
-315 lbs bench (280 lbs current max)
-450 lbs squat (430 lbs current max)

So that’s an update for you and for anyone else who may be interested. I don’t check here very often, so if you want to contact me, tweet me @jdwinks3 or leave comments on my YouTube page Jim-A-Lyfe for fitness related stuff and Jim Doug for political and societal stuff.

Like I said, if I start doing some throwing stuff and taking videos, I’ll be sure to share them on here, but don’t expect anything until sometime in may if at all.

Hope everyone is doing well and having a good start to their seasons.




Great to hear from you Jimster. I’ve enjoyed following your posts over the years. I have admiration how you’ve pushed yourself to the limit in everything you do. Continue forward with your determination going forward in everything you do & I have no doubt you will be successful in whatever you decide to do in life. Hopefully we’ll see some more post from you in the not to distant future. Wish you the best & keep the determination!


This is my first time throwing with any intensity since I did once in the summer.

I’m going to be trying to do some tossing once a week to see if I want to do a bit more after graduation and maybe see how some long tossing feels. Right now I’m doing some really basic mechanic work (keeping my head on line the whole time) and just enjoying throwing at whatever intensity I want.

I didn’t record the throwing I did yesterday (3-24-16), but my head placement was much better and my accuracy was much better as a result. So as I occasionally toss, hopefully I can lock that mechanic in.

I won’t be posting throwing videos regularly, but I figured I would share some of the videoing I took last week when I was doing a bit of tossing.

*Thanks for the edit Steve. I’m not used to the new format quite yet.


Good stuff… would just like to see you bend your back a little more – both when long tossing and when working on your mechanics – to help decelerate the throwing arm.

In both instances, you’re very, very, very upright. When throwing from your mechanics, your head is just about directly above your stride knee at release, but ideally would like to see your head out over your stride foot.