My Baseball Journal


Oh and another note, I am down to 191 lbs now and I was able to touch rim on the hoops at camp, so I’m going to keep my weight in the 190-193 range, so I can maximize the speed of my body’s movement.

I like how my body looks a lot better now. I didn’t really think that I needed to lose weight or see any reason to try to, but I like being at the lighter weight that I’m at now.


Hope all is well jimster


Wow, it’s a been a while.

I have been continuing to work to get back to throwing normally. Now that it’s cold, I’ll be inside for the winter. My throwing outside was going well. I was getting out to 320 ft consistently, but after, my arm would get mildly to moderately sore, so there is still room for growth.

My knee has been doing great. I’m back to working out completely normally. Now it’s time to get back to throwing normally too. My tendontis that was hanging out from before is finally on its way out, which is awesome.

I will be trying to take more video as I throw and posting them. I’m extremely happy with my last throw of my last session. I hope to maintain the ques that I used and the mechanics that I used.

I most likely won’t be able to update on here as often, but I’ll try to post videos as I take them. So stay tuned for those.

Hope everyone’s season went well, and everyone is getting started with their offseasons on the right foot.





Any new pitching mechanics?


I’ll post do some pitches the next time I throw.


Hey Jimster…
What are your plans regarding baseball this year?
Are you going out for the school team or training this college season?


[quote=“fearsomefour”]Hey Jimster…
What are your plans regarding baseball this year?
Are you going out for the school team or training this college season?[/quote]

My goals regarding baseball for the near future is to see how far and hard I can throw with a healthy arm. I’m not planning playing college ball at any point. I am simply throwing/pitching for the joy of it and to see how good at it I can get.

If I get to the point where I’m throwing hard and am healthy, maybe I’ll consider changing my mind about the college team or possible try out for an independent team, but for now, all I want to do is throw.

Throwing in itself is quite enjoyable. Even if I stay where I am currently, I will continue to throw for as long as I can. Long tossing will never get old. Especially when I’m able to make it out 320ft consistently.

Interesting note, I may have miscalculated my distance from earlier this year when I was long tossing before camp. My shoes are slightly longer than a foot, which makes a big difference when I’m making over 300 steps in a row. I may have gotten out to around 350 feet, which is crazy good. But I can’t confirm that to be for sure.

So I answered you questioned with a lot, but I hopefully it all makes sense.

Baseball and throwing doesn’t have to be done for a team or for competition only. Just like how I lift, but not for lifting competitions. Some things are fun to do.

But we’ll see. Maybe my arm will develop well and I’ll consider trying out for independent ball or something. We’ll see.


I was able to get outside today because of a rare warm and dry fall day. Chances our, this will be my last video outside for a while. Winter is just around the corner.

I put all three different throws in this short clip. My max long distance throw, which is about 315 feet. My estimates from before were slightly off, they too were about the same, but probably slightly shorter.

My second throw is my last pulldown throw. And my last throw on this video is a pitch.

Let me know what you think, thanks.




I added a voice over to my video. I wanted to try something new and break up the redundancy of simply posting clips. Plus I wanted to try out my new video editing software.


I noticed I was throwing at a downward angle when i was doing my pulldowns, so I changed it to be more parallel to the ground. And more realistic to the kind of throw I’m trying to simulate. I noticed some changes in my arm angle between the throws. I like how the second clip looks because I feel like that is a more realistic simulated pulldown throw.


New video of my pitching mechanics. Let me know what you think


I made a longer formatted video, so I could add more commentary about my throwing. I will be buying a mic to use on my computer, so I can not sound so terrible. So don’t fret at my mic sound of the current video.


Looking good jimbo, how’s school at Mount U going?


It’s going well. Just extremely busy. But that’s to be expected.


As soon as I realize the slight fault in my mechanics, they always go back to where I want them to be. The key for me now is to get them where I want to be right away. But my overall mechanics today looked and felt good. In the grand scheme of my mechanics, the things I’m trying to fix are minor things.


No voice on this one, but check the info below the visor for info about this throwing session