My Baseball Journal


Surgery went great. Knee feels a ton better now. No grinding when I extend my knee. Now the rest of my break will be used to rehab and get back to 100% when I get back to school. The trainer says that full recovery will take four weeks, which will be right about when I get to school.

I can walk and do nearly everything like normal. So my recovery is going well so far.

I can’t wait to get back to going full go and should be able to once I get back to school


Great news!


Recently purchased a connective ball and wrist weights, so I will be implementing them into my workouts once I get them.

Once I get back to school on the 11th, I will be starting back with a ‘normal’ throwing program. I will be throwing light for the first week so I can get back up to pace with my arm and with my legs.

As I transition back to normal throwing, I will have to monitor my knee to make sure I don’t overwhelm it, but if it continues to progress like it has been, that shouldn’t be an issue.

I have been able to do normal workouts with little to know pain, but like any injury, the more I do, the more sore it gets.

Can’t wait to get back at it full go!


Connection balls and wrist weights are awesome. At first using connection balls can be pretty awkward, but once you get the hang of it, your arm action seriously feels so much more efficient and healthy.


Ben Heller,

During my first week back, I’m hoping to get past the ‘awkwardness’ of using the connection ball and wrist weights. Since I won’t be full go, I’ll able to get used to using them as I transition back to being at full intent.

Thanks for the comment!



I have been able to get out and long toss twice since the weather got nice for a little bit.

This video is from this Tuesday 3-11-14.

I have long tossed a great distance, 305ft and 310ft. On the two days respectively.

Now these are estimates, but as I’m able to get outside more, I want to get on the football field, so I have a more exact measure. I will assume that during both of my sessions, I threw 300+ft because of the two data points I have gathered. As I throw more, I will get more data to see and hopefully improve how far I throw.

I like how my mechanics looks on my latest video. I feel much more consistence with my mechanics. I don’t see anything major that I want to improve or really change.

My focuses that I want to focus are as follows:
-Loss/fluid arm action(a loss, long muscle is a fast muscle)

-land square(I don’t want to land too far as over to third as I tend to do, landing square helps to create my separate and get my hips open)

-Posture-I want to keep working on keeper taller when I drive forward.(I believe that will help me land square and keep my energy moving in a straight line)

Overall, I’m making progress and like where I am, but there are still things that I want to continue to improve.

If you have any comments or suggestions about my mechanics or anything, please let me know!

And if anyone wants more details to my workouts PM and I’ll let you know. It’s not really too different that before, although I have incorporate new equipment that I got for Christmas.

Hope everyone is well, and I’m looking to start posting more on here, as time allows. Although, that time is becoming more and more sparse. College is a busy time.


Hey Jimster, hope all is well…
You said you were working on hip/shoulder separation.
Do you think there are exercises to work on this or just throwing related processes, be that a throwing drill or just focusing on it during long toss.
The focus (Im assuming) would have to be on the hip or lower half as focusing just on the arm is likely to cause the arm to lag in an effort to “feel” the separation. I know Dr Yessis has done hip lead/drive exercises related to golf.
I am wondering about exercises using resistance (bands) to work this.
Maybe hip drive can be exercised but hip/shoulder separation is the results of other things working well and together?


I’ll post a video of clip of me working on my lower body mechanics. I was tyring different things to get my hips to move faster, which I hope would create more separation and I think it does. It also creates more rotational speed, or at least when I throw I feel like it does. I also feel a lot more straight, like I’m fighting to throw against my body as much.

I got the idea about trying different things with my hips by watching the Somax YouTube video about Tim Lincecum, especially the part about where they talked about the stride angle. I examined a previous video and I noticed that my stride angle was not that great. I found that making my hips move faster and increasing my stride angle made my mechanics look better from bottom to top.

Here is the Somax video, just in case you haven’t seen it. For a promotional video for a product, it stays extremely informative until the very end when they give you their plug. I think it’s a great examination of pitching mechanics.

Again, I will post the clips later tonight, or possibly tomorrow, time premitting.



Jimster, looking good man.

Hope is all is well at school


Thanks Wales!

And as promised here is the video of me doing drill work to work on hip/shoulder separation and to work on my stride angle. I definitely felt more of a powerful rotation when working on these things in this video.

Sorry for forgetting about posting this earlier. But here it is now!


My latest video. I finally was able to get on the mound and get a little pitching work in.

I think my mechanics looked and felt really really good, especially for being out of it for a while.

My knee didn’t bother me at all today when I long tossed and pitched today, so that was encouraging.

I also got out to 308 feet(possibly more on a couple throws) when I long tossed. My measurements today were a lot more accurate today because the field was dry enough to walk normally on. Hopefully, the weather stays dry so that I can keep getting outside and have accurate measurements.

I’m also looking to change my lifting routine to be a more baseball specific. It was good before, but I want to tweak it to target pitching specific goals like increasing my lateral driving speed aka stride speed.

Any thoughts on how fast I’m throwing?

I would predict upper 80’s based on my pitching mechanics and long tossing numbers.

Let me know what you all think and I hope all of your respective seasons are going well!


jimster, if you are throwing that hard, any thought about going back out for your schools team?

Where you playing summer ball this year?


The one team I was looking to play on fell apart, so I’m without a summer team right now.

And I have no desire to waste more of my time on the school team.

I will most likely be looking to umpire a lot and continue to throw on my own.


Last two times I have thrown I have been getting tight faster than I would like and my lower bicep has been getting really sore. Probably just a little tendonitis.

I’m in crunch time for school, so that will assist with me taking about a week of from throwing.

I will still be trying to toss lightly a couple times before I go back to throwing full go.

When my arm was feeling it the last time I threw outside, I still was able to long toss out to the same distance as before. About 308 ft.

My plan is to long toss on the football field once before the year is over. I’m curious toss to see if throwing there will make a difference, distance wise. The baseball field I normally throw out goes slightly down hill as it goes to the outfield, so I’m guessing that I will be get out a little bit further on a more even surface. But we’ll see.



I will be contributing videos on Lanky Lefty’s YouTube from time to time. So take a look at it.

Once class ends, I will also be contributing to his website with some articles so be on the look out for that.


I have found two possible different teams to play on for this summer. I’m strongly leaning towards one of the teams.

I will be primarily a pitcher and I was told we get 30+ games. I think like 35 games, but I forget the exact number he mentioned.

Should be fun getting back to playing games


My summer has taken a rather big change. I am no longer looking to be playing on a summer team, but rather I have applied to work at a camp that will take up the vast majority of my summer.

My goals have not changed. I will be throwing all summer, if I do get the job(interview is tomorrow). I have also purchased a radar gun(a Stalker II) and will be using that to see where I am velocity wise.

It should arrive here Thursday. Hopefully I’m able to get some use out of it later this week.

If for some reason I don’t get the camp job I applied for, I will be umpiring all summer, so either way, I’m making money and getting to workout when and how I want. And I get a radar gun. Win, win, win.

Now all we need is some consistent good weather. :roll:


My radar came yesterday, so even though I threw yesterday, I just had to go out and try it out today. The Stalker is a great piece of machinery.

In the future I’ll set up my camera to provide ‘proof’ of the various speeds I claim, but for today, I wanted to figure out how to set it up and give it a whirl.

I wasn’t smart and didn’t really warm up before I starting chucking it, but I was able to get some numbers I’m happy with today. And they provide a good starting point to work from.

From a running start I was able to get the following numbers:

-88 mph-5oz
-91 mph-3oz

-Step behind

-86 mph-5oz
-88 mph-3oz

From pitching(flat ground):

-84 mph-5oz
-88 mph-3oz

84 mph is 8 mph faster than I was clocked this past fall when I was still on the team, so that’s a rather significant improvement and it is 2 mph faster than my previous best recorded speed of 82 mph. I don’t have a previous speed reference for my other speeds, so those are all firsts.

I calculated yesterday(using the frame by frame method) to estimate my speed of my last pitch was 85-86 mph. So I don’t think that is an unrealistic expectation to be able to throw currently, but we’ll see.

I will be starting throwing weighted balls and tracking the speeds of each weight of ball as I throw them.

I love be able to look at my previous speed and trying to beat that speed each throw.

I’ll be providing information of my speeds through my workouts most likely in the form of averages of each weighted ball with the various peaks.

Now that I have a starting point my goals will be to achieve the following speeds with a 5oz ball:

-90 mph-Running up and from a step behind
-88 mph- Step behind
-85 mph-Pitching


Well the rain and the continuing soreness in my arm is going to delay my throwing.

I don’t want to push my arm too soon. I want to throw without the kind of soreness I have now. Hopefully some rest will do it good!


Camp is over now and I’m back at home for a month or so before I move into my apartment. I had to take time off at camp from throwing because of knot that developed above my collarbone.

I ending up using camp as my “off-season” of sorts, since I don’t have to stick to any particular baseball schedule. I will be working back to get into full throwing form.

My goal is to be ready and starting to workout normally(throwing wise) when I’m at school, so that gives me some time to work back to throwing to the level I want to throw at.

My knee is continuing to improve and improved during my time at camp. I didn’t lift any weights, other than my wrist roller, during my time at camp. I only did body weight stuff like plyometrics. I will be continuing with those type of workouts, but will be adding in traditional weight training as well.

With my knee back to be as close to 100% as it’s ever going to be, I will be able to focus on getting my arm stronger and back to ‘workout shape’ so I can start throwing weighted baseballs and med. balls.

I might be able to get back to throwing normally sooner, but it all depends on how my shoulder feels as I move forward. And it depends on how my knot reacts to the stresses of throwing. Hopefully it continues to settle down, so I don’t have to worry about it.