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Tough choice about playing school ball, but, you sound as though there was a bit of a weight lifted. You certainly know if it was the right choice or not.
Enjoyed the TAP ball videos. Esp the ones (forward and back) with the torso rotation…almost like someone throwing a discus. The one where you had the ball at shoulder level and pushed it straight out without pulling the arm back (sort of like a standing bench press motion) reminded me of a drill boxers would do with a light med ball. Same starting point and trying to move the ball with power and speed (to develop both punching power and speed) with proper finish.
Have been experimenting with trying to get explosive upper body with a heavy bag. Also with throwing a ball in the pool. Throwing a water polo ball in the pool would pretty much force a person to lead with the hip first in a very quick motion I would think. Havent tried this one yet. Know a guy who was a pro pitcher for over a decade and a half and he swears his hip shoulder seperation was developed during a year of high school water polo.
Was high 80 ish before that and low 90s after.
Anyway, interesting stuff, keep it up.


Read the description in the video for my information about my thoughts about the video among other things.




I went to the doctor. He didn’t see anything on the x-ray that was taken, so I’m getting an MRI Thursday.

He notice a ‘catch’ when my knee was extending. What the athetic training called ‘scar tissue’ the doctor felt different. He doesn’t think anything will show up on the MRI, so I will most likely get a scope of my knee, and then they should be able to fix any issues with my knee.

The sheet I was given that allows me to go the hosiptical to get an MRI says the reason is a ‘med medicus tear.’ The doctor didn’t mention anything about this when he was examining me, so that might just be the guess for now. More news to follow as I get it.

I will still be able to do the normal stuff I was doing before. Nothing in that regard will change.

Onto some good news now. I long tossed on my knees yesterday and was able to get out to 215ft, which is 15 ft more than my goal of 200 feet. Hopefully I’m able to get out one or two more times before winter really sets in.

I will be editing and uploading a new video with my last workout videos and with a new med ball throw drill I have tried, based off of a javelin throw.

So check back for that. I will hopefully that up today or tomorrow, but it could be delayed until this weekend. Hopefully not though.


Latest video of my workout, check out my description under the video on youtube for more details


End of workout throws from the other day!


Looking pretty good jimster.


Hey Jimster,
Really enjoying the taps ball work your are messing with, some good ideas.
As for your run in with a ceratin poster. Guys like that it are almost unavoidable to have issues with. I will share a quick story when I was in college and studying music privately.
I was taking drum lessons with a guy who had some great knowledge to share but was a grade A jerk. First lesson he would assign an insulting nickname to each student and then call them by that name. When doing an exercise is he saw your technique slip he would take a ruler and smack your hand. He would answer questions in a way that made you feel like an idiot for asking, even if they were perfectly logical questions.
He had many students go for one lesson and then never return or even leave during their first lesson. He certainly could have had a bigger client list and made a lot more money but for whatever reason, this is how the guy was.
I am assuming he had some sort of issue or bitterness about the business and what he was doing…at the end of the day, I didnt care. The bottom line was what knowledge could I gleen from this guy. His approach was terrible, his information was very good. So, I had to learn to seperate the man from the message so to speak.
Take the good info and leave the rest, its not worth get embroiled in their nonsense.
This tact works well personally as well as professionally. If you plan to go on and do teaching ect. along with playing (you seem to have a mindset and approach that would naturally lead to this) your going to deal with confrontational, demeaning jerks. Its just how it is.
Keep up the good work.


Thank you very much for your story and advice.

I feel like that statement doesn’t do the level of gratitude I have.

Thank you a lot! and I will!


I rolled my ankle the other, so I have been inactive since Wednesday. But my ankle was feeling good enough to get my workouts in today, so that’s excatly what I did.

Here is my latest video, check back later this week(hopefully) of a video of my complete workout.

I will not include video of me lifting, which almost always precedes my throwing workouts. But my lack of a dynamic stretch is explained by the fact that the lift covers warming me up to throw in general.

So check back when I have my next post with the video!


How’s the knee?


It has plateaued. As long as I don’t don’t run, jump, and use it. It doesn’t hurt more or less. I limit the throws I do at the end of my workouts a lot, so it doesn’t bother my knee.

I haven’t heard back from the doctor yet, which is annoying because I should have already, I would think. I’ll know more once I hear back from him


Reach out to the Doc you might have “fallen through the cracks” as they say.


Precisely what I plan to do. My mother is going to call the office and either get information from them and/or have them call me. I may have to talk to the doctor myself because I haven’t filled out the form allowing the doctors to talk to my parents yet.

I would like to find out what I need to have done so I can schedule my knee scope or whatever over winter break.


The video of my complete workout is not going to happen. Just way too much editing when I have other things that I have to do.

Heard back from the doc finally. No tears or structural damage. Am now awaiting what my next course of action is. Most likely a knee scope


That’s good news somewhat from the doc, hopefully they don’t need to cut you open to find out what’s going on.


My surgery is now scheduled for the 17th of December.

It will be a knee scope and the recover should be pretty short. I will now more about that a couple days after the surgery during my follow up meeting. So hopefully I’m able to get back to it quickly after my surgery!

Get back to it and get back to running and jumping and all that good stuff!


Hopefully the surgery goes well


I get my knee scope on Tuesday. It sounds like my recovery time will be extremely quick. I won’t even need crutches on the way out, so hopefully that means the swelling will go away quickly.

I’m basically going to spend the rest of my winter break recovery and rehabbing my knee until it’s good to go and then working on lifting and working out.

I will be taking the time during my break off from any throwing. I will be do no med ball throws or anything for at a week. I will most likely start doing tap med ball throws after about a week depending on how my knee feels. I’m also getting a set of wrist weights for Christmas, so I will be incorporating those into my throwing workouts as soon as I get those.

I can’t wait to get back to going through throwing workouts and lifting workouts with a healthy knee, which will hopefully be really soon!


Good luck with the procedure