My Baseball Journal


Video looks pretty decent jimster.

Good luck in the game


Pitched two scoreless innings today an route to a two inning save.

No walks and a couple strikeouts, which was good.

I had a video taken and my mechanics looked pretty bad. Nothing like what I have been able to do in my practice sessions. Hence the ‘Post Game’ throwing video I made.

I have focuses for my next game I throw, so hopefully they help me achieve what I’m trying to do.

I will be continuing to take videos when I pitch in games. Hopefully I’m able to get my practice throws in a game.

Number key for me, is to relax. And trust my mechanics. I get too much in a hurry and rush myself, which throws off everything.

Staying loose and really hunkering down on my other focuses will lead to be having better mechanics.

I can do it, as is evidenced by the video. I just need to implement them in a game situation.



Gotta see the game footage, that’s where it counts the most, not these practice sessions.


[quote]My old summer coach who comes to a lot of my games because his brother is on my summer team, said yesterday(when my mechanics looked bad on video) that I was throwing harder than he had ever seen me throw before and that he thought I was at 85-86 was his guess and he said I was noticeably faster than what he saw me at before, so if that’s true then that’s great considering my mechanics didn’t look good.

I was going to post that video that I took at my game, but I was ticked at how bad it was that I deleted it almost right after I viewed it and went to the park after I pitched and took a new video. [/quote]

I’ll get it up next game for sure.


That all sounds encouraging, good stuff.


Next game is on Wednesday. I will seeing if I’m starting and if I’m not, I will be ask to pitch some relieft.


Threw pretty crappy at my game today. Don’t remember the stats, but it wasn’t good at all. But I’ll get it all good for the next time I throw.

Definitely have a lot to work on mechanically still.

I need to get my mound mechanics to look more like this.

I’m going to work on these things in my next throwing session:
-moving quick with my leg action
-driving my hips and extending my front leg forward
-keeping my torso back behind my leg action-feel my front foot land before my torso finishes
-game intent throws-as close to it as a I can


When I throw tomorrow I have come up with a throwing plan that I will implement on my personal throwing days.

I’m going to find use a stake, so I can set up a target closer to the actual distance I will be throwing.

I will be building up how many throws I do without with the camera.

I’ll start at 2 throws, check the camera, and build every time my mechanics look good. Building to the point where I can make 20-30 throws before checking my camera.


You don’t just throw and record yourself the entire time then cut it down to upload?


Watched the last 3 videos back to back to back, overall it appears that your mechanics as a whole have pretty much stayed the same, just your game intensity speed has you rushing through a few areas that in your reps are looking better then in game. That part will take time, good idea to try and work your reps through at game speed.


Nope, I usually do 2-3 throws and then check myself. Which is something that I’m going to change now that I’m not trying to change my mechanics, but build my consistency with them.

Thanks! I’m surprised I didn’t come up with that idea sooner, but oh well.

I threw today, and worked up to 5 throws in a row and then checked on my camera. I was cut short of my full throwing because of a random downpour of rain. So I was unable to try to do more in a row.

My video will follow this post shortly, it’s uploading right now.

You’ll notice the terrible field conditions on the mound. My back foot is actually on the edge of the mound, so it wouldn’t get stuck in the mud. There was a small break in the downpour and I got my last 5 throws in. I think the look pretty good.

My next session I will continue to build to 10 throws in a row, so on and so forth. I’m feeling I’m able to get a more consistent feeling for my mechanics as I’m doing my throws in a row. Hopefully my next sessions goes well like this one did.


The video should be up in about 5 minutes(from 3:58pm). According to youtube.

My focuses next time will be:
-stay back until you feel front foot hit
-good leg drive
-full intent mechanics


latest mechanic work

focused on moving quickly, driving off the mound, and staying back.

Can stay back better, but I like how my mechanics look in general

turn off the sound unless you want to hear wind

I did 5 throws in a row, but these are the last two.


Focused on:
-staying tall-head over my left shoulder
-driving off the mound
-feeling front land

I liked the results.

Video is last of 5 throws. Starting the game tomorrow. Will hopefully get some video up of that


I’ll be off here for a while. I’m going to take a break from posting.

I will most likely post again in the next month or so


It was a hard decision, but due to a combination of factors being poor coaching, bad health(my knee), simply knowing that I know how to get better at pitcher more so than the coaching staff, and a desire to experiment, workout, and get better on my own has lead to my to decide to quit playing on the baseball team here at Mount.

I will still be attending school here because I love the actual school, the baseball team was the only issue I had.

With my new found free time, I have been advised by my dad to take two weeks off from doing anything with my legs(except swimming) before I go and see a doctor and have him thoroughly examine my knee. The meeting with the doctor should be happening sometime pretty soon. I’m anxious to see what is making my knee hurt because although I have been nearly completely inactive with my leg, through simple tests of squatting down, I still have pain and I know that I shouldn’t.

So while I await the doctor appointment, I have been continuing to workout and throw. I plan on playing this summer in a league closer to home. While my parents supported my decision to stop playing ball here at Mount, they don’t want me going to North Carolina to play summer ball when that’s all I’m going to play.

With my new found freedom to do what I want to do to get better at pitching and throwing, I have been long tossing on my knees and throwing my tap medicine balls around and seeing what I like doing with them.

My goals have shifted from developing my overall mechanics on the mound(for now)and more to developing explosive upper body mechanics by isolating that part of my mechanics.

While this is a big change for me, it is something that I needed to do in order to get healthy, get better, become more knowledge about what works and what doesn’t, and to be much much less stressed about everything related to school ball.

Now on to the fun stuff, since I have been isolating and only working on my upper body mechanics, I have developed new focuses and goals that relate to them.

The first being the most simple, which is to twist my torso aggressively, but with that I had to work on also loading my scap as much as possible, to get the biggest benefit out of the torso twist.

I feel really explosive when it all clicks, and it certainly makes throwing more fun when I’m moving as clicking through this part of my motion as I know am.

I don’t know if you already follow my Youtube channel, but I will be posting a lot of videos on there now as I move forward, so I would love if you would check them out.

I don’t know if you will view this as bad news, but I’m extremely happy with my decision(it has been about two weeks since I made this decision) and I’m not looking back at all. I’m excited about the things I can now do and what I will accomplish in my future.

My working goal with this mechanical work is to be able to long toss on my knees from 200 ft. The last time I threw outside I was able to get out to 185 ft. Eventually, I would like to get to 225 and possibly 250 ft, but I will move incrementally through my goals.


Many more videos to come, so stay tuned to my channel and hopefully I can help someone out with what they want to do and work on when it comes to their pitching and throwing mechanics!


Sounds like it was a tough decision but the right one, is there a club team at Mount? Or are you simply going to play summer rec ball now?

Looking forward to the new videos.


I sent you a PM, Wales.

I have been scheduled a doctor appointment for next Monday, so hopefully I get some answers in regards to my knee.

With resting it, it has gotten better, but it has plateaued in its healing, so hopefully the doctor will be able to figure it out.

My mom had a similar issue with her knee when she was younger, a lot of the same symptoms and issues, and if its something like her injury, then the recover time would be extremely quick, without any time in a cast or crutches.

So if I have to go under the knife, hopefully it’s something minor like that.


Despite my better judgement, I broke down and did a couple regular pitches today at the end of my throwing workout. But I didn’t go full speed, nor did I do that many. But my knee didn’t bother me during any of it, so I’m not concerned about it.

Anywho, I took this video today and it has me throwing on my knees, standing with stationary feet(or nearly stationary), and my couple of full mechanic throws.

I mostly did the full mechanic throws to see how my arm action would respond to the new movement, and I think they looked good.