My Baseball Journal


I decided today to not go throw because well, I don’t feel like it :lol:

I will be doing some dry pitch work as well as getting a workout in later today though.

Tomorrow I will be doing lots of throwing. Hopefully I will get some video to put up here.


Got some good throwing in today. Worked out and all went well.

Long tossed, mechanic work, and worked out.

I was able to do some light plyo and sprint without much pain.

Hopefully I’m able to slowly continue to add more stuff to my workouts!


Looking to build on yesterday.

I will be doing some light throwing today, as well as hitting, and working out. Hopefully I’m able to add some more plyos and plyo reps today!

And hopefully this rain holds off, looks shifty outside :?


Sounds good man any idea if you’ll be a starter or a reliever in the summer?


I believe that I will mainly be a starter. I will probably get the chance to pitch as a reliever as well.


Rained for a little bit. Hopefully the field didn’t get too wet.

I will doing a full workout today. My knee feels good today, so hopefully it keeps feeling good as I throw today.

I will try to get a video up today at some point.


I have found that he has similar mechanics to me.


Care,to explain where you see the similarities?

Hopefully you get lots of opportunities starting jimster.


I noticed his arm action is similar to mine, he has inverted w that I exhibit. and his leg mechanics are somewhat similar to mine. I will get a video up later of me throwing today.

If you go to the last little bit of the video, probably like the last 15 seconds of it, you can see his mech’s in slow motion.

I just watched him throw today and when he’s arm action stuck out to me because it was ‘jab like’ like mine.


I believe the main issue I see now is increase my leg drive and stride length. While maintaining these mechanics.

I want to keep my front leg closed longer and drive it further down the mound before it opens up.


Team practice today. Will be getting some throwing and a bullpen in as well as some much needed batting practice and fielding. Swing is still there, but my timing is very rusty.


They are gonna let you hit for yourself?


Yep. I get to play some center and outfield as well. Possibly in the infield as well. I won’t be a pitcher only this summer


So are you thinking of trying to crack Mount U as a 2 way guy this fall?

I’m just trying to understand the logic of playing the field and not being a Pitcher only after this past year of trying to move up the depth chart and see some mound time.

To me it would seem a waste of time doing that unless you are looking at trying to be a position guy over a Pitcher. Or last year was a waste.

Especially after the discussions you had with the PC in regards to you either being a P or a 2 way?

Just trying to see where your thoughts are at and where you’re headed.


I’m still planning on being a pitcher only for Mount.

I’m playing the field because the coach is letting me and wants me too.

I’m not planning on going crazy and working on my hitting on the time. Pitching is my priority and is my main focus. If my knee begins to flare up again, I’m going to cut out hitting.

But I see no reason to not hit in the summer when I’m not pitching if my knee doesn’t bother me.

I actually didn’t approach my coach about hitting and playing the field. When I went to workout with him in the winter to throw, he asked about what my summer coach told him. Which was that I played outfield. He said he was still looking for a centerfielder. I hit for him and he said he liked my swing. So I figured, why not.


Good luck jimster hopefully you haven’t lost the swing.


Took a lighter day today. I wanted to get some mechanic work in today before my game, but not wear myself out.

Just one 9 inning game tomorrow. Still preseason. I should be throwing some of the game. I haven’t heard for yet, but I see no reason why I wouldn’t.

My new focus that I tried a lot to work on today was to stay more upright as my front leg went down. I had tinkered with this before and it has gone away from me as I had tried to nail down other things.

It was easy to implement into my mechanics, so I don’t foresee this being a complicated adjustment.

Another adjustment I’m working on making is extending my front leg out straight as I drive forward. I noticed that I cut down my stride a little bit by not doing what I see most MLB’ers doing.

That adjustment is a little harder, but something that I can do. It’s about doing it everytime.

In the video I’m going to post, I will have my last baseball throw and then a dry rep I did after it.

I liked my dry rep much more than my ball rep. My dry rep features a better position at footplant, a better position of separation, and a better leg drive.

I wasn’t throwing 100% with the baseball, so my leg drive with naturally improve as my intent increase. With that throw, I was focusing on staying tall as my leg desecended and stay closed at footplant.

I do a decent job of it. But I’m look at my dry rep more and look to work towards those.

Let me know what you think!


Good luck in the preseason game.

I’ll take a look at your video over the next few days and tell you what I see.

What you want to work on sounds good.


Got some mechanic work in

After working for a bit. I tried some different mental cues related to my front leg and they produced these mechanics, which I really liked.

I’m going to continue to use them because they produced good mech’s.

The video should eventually work as off 5:06pm it is still being processed. Hopefully it plays soon


Had a great mechanic session today. First actual game is tomorrow. Stride in the video was around six and half feet every pitch. So my adjustments seem to be taking hold. At least in my dry reps. I will be working to translate these to my actual throwing mechanics.

I’m going to try to get one of my teammates to record me throwing in the game or during my bullpen before. Depending on when I get someone to record me. Hopefully I’m able to get someone to do that.