My Baseball Journal


knee has been getting better, saw something on video that may have contributed to my knee. Once I got my weight shifting forward faster, my knee feels good and my mech’s better


made a tumblr. Will probably update more often on there. I like how it’s set up.


I’ll check out your clips and let you know what I think.

I’m not too familiar with tumblr I’ll have to check that out.


Neither am I, but from messing around with it yesterday, I’m starting to like it.

I’m getting more involved with tech because of my majors, so using something like that could be beneficial to me


Threw today and finished my pretests today, will post the numbers and goals later today.

Video of my last throws will follow shortly as well.

I’ll start posting on here more as well as my tumblr page, which you can look at for more details about what I’m doing.


Pretests-Direction for summer in-season workouts

General goals-increase explosiveness, get faster, and more athletic.

Pretty good numbers considering I’m still battling knee soreness and dealing with a sprained ankle.

-40 yard dash(estimate)-4.81 seconds
Goal-under 4.65 seconds

-Broad jump-8 ft 7 inches
Goal-Above 9 ft 7 inches

-Ice Skater Jump(side ways jump)-7ft
-Couldn’t with right leg, but want to for post tests

-vertical jump-no test
Goal-Two hand rim grab

-Pulls ups 1 set max 20x
Goal 25+ times

-Basketball court dash(free throw back, sprint through half court-roughly equivalent to 20 yard shuffle) -4.75
Goal-under 4.5 seconds

-push ups 1 set max-40x( I do real real full push ups. If I did cheat ones I could do like 60 :lol: )
Goal- 50 times +

Go to this link for the video, or go to my tumblr. I believe My separation looks better in this video. Knee soreness kept me from getting down the mound further, but still a decent stride, right around 6ft.

Let me know what you think!


Last Wind up throw of the day. I think it looks good.

Did some sprints and some distance running after I threw, knee held up great throughout it.


Some more running today, felt good again. Also got in a good workout

Did some dry reps today


Will continue to post on here, go to my tumblr for more details about my everyday workouts and stuff


When’s summer ball start for you?


May 11th. We’ll have 4 or 5 preseason games and then the official season starts


Probably my best mechanics to date.


Moved back home today, so I will be getting back into the swing of things tomorrow.

Can’t wait to get my routine going again


Sounds good man looking forward to seeing you around more


Got some good throwing in today. Had some random spring rain and a team that showed up that cut my session slightly short, but got some focuses on for my next session.

I was throwing to the fence on a youth field, so from well over 60 feet, probably closer to 70 if I had to guess. Probably to far to get a true gauge, but I noticed my ball had some surprisingly sharp movement on it. Sinker like movement on balls I threw with the the normal 4 seam grip, which if it’s consistent will come in mighty handy.


You’re last clip looks pretty good jimster.

How’d you do GPA wise your first year?


My grades aren’t all final yet, but if I end up with what I think I’m going to get in my classes, I should have about a 3.6 almost a 3.7 total GPA so far


Great stuff jimster.

Congrats on the successful academic year.


I received a 3.85 this quarter which raised my GPA to a 3.72 collective GPA.

Got some good throwing work and hitting work in. Hopefully my games tomorrow go on as planned as normal tomorrow.


Pitching in a scrimmage yesterday.

Threw 3 innings- 5ks, 1bb, 2 hits, 1 run.

Felt pretty good pitching despite my knee and mound limiting my stride length.

Miraculously my knee pain went away at the end of our second game. Literally no pain in it now, so I can do anything and everything. Which is awesome.

My mom(an RN) theorized that I had some little piece of something in there that was irritating me knee and it broke off.

My knee looks normal and feels normal, so I’ll take it!