My Baseball Journal


I felt like I could have gone harder with my legs. I was more concerned with my mechanics when I was throwing today. My mechanics and staying smooth and continuous.

Hopefully I got 2-3 more in the tank right now without mechanical improvements


Sounds good man hopefully you get some innings to make an impact.


Check out my latest video in the mechanics forum.

On a negative note, my weight has dropped to 186.5. I expected a drop from my offseason weight, but I would like to be as close to 190 as possible during the season and summer. Hopefully when the cafeteria opens back up after break, I can get back to eating as much as I would like to again


Long tossed out to 285 ft! New max distance! I was able to throw it from there consistently, but I had a couple throws go beyond that. At or around 300ft on those few throws.

Calculated that a throw went 88 mph the other day to! I wouldn’t post that if I didn’t trust my times that I used to calculate that speed.

Basically, I’m throwing faster than I was before and my mechanics are improving! Which is exciting!


Good stuff jimster, any mound time yet this season?


Nope. I’m on jv and all our games have been cancelled so far this year.

I’m not banking on a ton of mound time because of where the coach has me on the depth chart, but there’s not chance of any mound time outside until the weather warms and dries up.

Along with that and the pitching coach basically not caring about the ‘lower’ guys on the team, has allowed me to throw a lot on my own, which will do me more good than his poor throwing program.


That’s too bad bout the weather, but good on ya for still working hard.


I’m stuck with estimating my speed because the pitching coach hasn’t clocked me for my last 3 or 4 bullpens. So that fact along with others leads me to believe he couldn’t give two shicks about me.


Coaches are a strange bunch. All you can really do is work hard and develop to the point he has to care. No doubt about your work ethic as anyone who is a regular to this site can attest.
On my sons high school team they keep bringing this kid out of the pen in the role of the “closer”. He has come in, walked guys, gotten hit and given up runs and or leads in all games but one. Why does the coach keep him in that spot? He looks the part. Big, tall and throws hard. But, also throws belt high and dead straight. For the coach to change this kids role would be admitting he was wrong about what his eyes told him…ego still plays a big role for a lot of these guys. Its a crappy mentality, but, a lot of the coaches still have it.
So hang in there and work hard, you will get a shot.


You’re exactly right. I’m focused on becoming as good as I can possibly be. Whether that’s a guy who those 82 and is a reliever or a guy who throws 90 and starts, I’ll keep working until I can’t.

Great news about yesterday!

Upon measuring the shoe that I used to count out my steps to long toss, I found that it actually is 13 inches long, which puts my max throws at 308.75 ft!! (285 steps*13 inches=3705…3705 in./12 in.=308.75 ft)

I won’t assume that I measured perfectly, but I think I can assume I threw it around 300 ft at least at my max distance consistently and threw a couple throws further than that!

So I got threw ball about 300 ft consistently!!

Which is about 88 mph if I threw it at an ideal angle. That’s right in line with what I calculated off my throw off the net before, so it seems to add up!

Adding 25ft+ to my throw is major improvement from my previous max of 275ft. I think that’s what it was, it may have been 270ft.

Oh and I never explained my math on my indoor throw. I don’t remember the times that I got, but I can explain what I did to get my estimated speed.

distance of release point to net about 6 ft. Time from release to net- ‘x’

I got x by slowing down my video to 1/8 speed and finding the release point and the time it hit the net and using this site
to subtract the times.

Once I got x I plugged it in this website and got 88.9 mph.

I believe my math is proven further by my long toss numbers!


Agree with fearsome.
Jim you’ve come too far to let some coach get you down. Keep up the good fight. Your time will come.


Thank you guys for the encouragement!


That’s awesome jimster keep working at it


Knees have been giving me some issues.

I will be taking a few days off from personal throwing to let them rest as much outside of baseball as possible.

According to my dad, I do too much, which is true. As a former trainer and my dad, he knows exactly what I need. Rest. And until I get more of it, my knees won’t feel better.

Been seeing the trainer and getting treatment and that has helped to an extent. But I think a few days off from doing any activity will be the best thing for me. As a pitcher who is not going to have a heavy load of innings this spring, I want to be healthy for summer and to be healthy so I can do my personal throwing, so that I can improve my mechanics and arm strength.

It’s so hard to take time off. It may sound cliche say, but I’m a obsessively hard working and is why my only injuries I ever get are overuse injuries.

On a positive note, my arm feels great, my mechanics have been looking good when my knee has been feeling good. And when I got stretched out yesterday, the trainer was impressed by my flexibility. Said I could do a split. Which I’m actually working on trying to do, just to see if I can. A front one, I’ll never be able to do a side one.

If I take a few days off from baseball, I think I will still throw, but just on my knee, so I can still work on something, without stressing out my legs.

Long season, and I don’t want to miss is because of stress related injury.


Knees are feeling better. I might have to take the day off from practice today too, but I was able to throw yesterday.

I threw yesterday, but without using my legs. I just twisted by torso and chucked the ball. It actually felt great and I long tossed out pretty darn far, which is always fun to do.

I’m hoping to be ready to go by our next game which will be Sunday or Monday.


Knee pain might be indicative of ROM issues in the hips and ankles. Do you foam roll/do mobility work to counter some of the issues created from pitching?


Yes sir. Stretch my full body everyday and do soft tissue work on a foam roller. The trainer that stretched out me the other day was impressed with my flexbility and said I could do a front split :stuck_out_tongue:

The trainer is saying my issues of overuse. The trainer at the school and my dad who was a trainer for 10 years have said the same thing.


That’s too bad man get healthy


I will be posting a video of me throwing today. I have only pitched an inning this spring for my school team, but I will hopefully pitching a lot this summer.

In the one inning I pitched, I had 2ks and popped a guy out in foul territory.

Nothing I can do about playing time, all I can do is control what I can control. And that’s how hard I work and how productive I spend my time.

Check out my video in the mechanics forum, I will have it posted as soon as possible

I have no update on speed since the coach has chosen to not clock any of the lower pitchers.

Hopefully I’ll be able to be clocked in the summer, but no guarantees with that.


knee has been getting better, saw something on video that may have contributed to my knee. Once I got my weight shifting forward faster, my knee feels good and my mech’s better