My Baseball Journal

I have decided to start a new journal.

I want to do a few different things with this journal. I’m not going to post my videos in here and I want to go into more detail with what I do everyday.

I’m still going to take videos, but I’m going to put it in my other thread.

Here’s my general info

18 years old

5’11 180lbs

Top velocity- 82 mph

Short term goals: continue to develop mechanics to gain velocity and control. And to throw 85 mph and sit in the low 80’s.

Long term goals: Throw 90+mph. Improve external rotatoin/overall mechanics.

Current College Plan: Going to the University of Mount Union

I will be listening to other schools if they make any offers, but I’m expecting to go to Mount.

I will not be throwing today because my arm is sore and needs to rest. I will be throwing tomorrow though.

I have decided that I’m going to do the Jaeger Band routine verse what I have been doing. I have done most of the things at one time or another and some of the stuff was it in my previous program.

When I throw tomorrow, I’m going to do a short dynamic warm up, Jaeger band routine, Jaeger type long toss, and then mechanic work.

For my mechanic work, I’m going to get into position to where my arm is up and my hips are open and work on that part of my throwing motion. On some advice from Paul Nyman(hope I spelled that right), I plan on working backwords through my motion. I have no doubt that it will help me improve my mechanics.

Since I’m not throwing today, I’m going to work on my arm action in front of a mirror. I’m trying to make my arm action shorter, make it start moving up sooner and more it more continous.

For my cardio today, I’m going to stationary bike for 30 minutes. Before I do that I warm up by jumprope 200x

I did some light abs because I did heavy abs yesterday. I alternate days that I do a lot of abs and not a lot of abs.

For my flexiblity, I do several stretches to target all my major muscle groups in my legs. I also do some stretches for my arm. I do each stretch one time for 30 seconds. I also do a couple different thoracic spine stretches do work on that specific flexibility.

After I workout, I drink two to two and half scoops of whey protein. Which is about 50-60 grams of protein. I try to get drink whey everyday, and I do probably 6-7 days a week.

I have to complete the following things for the rest of today: stationary bike, jumprope, Band Rountine, protein, pitch work, and hit work. I will be umpiring tonight, so I will be completely my tasks as soon as possible.

My future posts won’t be this long this long, hopefully, but, hopefully, will contain as much detail. Since I play in the field, I will talk about my hitting, fielding as well as my pitching. But my main focus will be my pitching.

Feel free to comment, ask questions, or just read.


Sounds good jimster

I finished all my stuff today. My feels really loose after doing my new band routine. I have lots of time before I umpire, so I’m going to go throw for a bit. I’m not going to long toss or anything. I’m going to keep it really short and really focus on my mechanics from my arm being up through my finish.

Before I did my band work, I did an external rotation drill I saw on kyleb’s site. I took a 5lb med. ball and moved my arm back and forward working on external rotation. My arm felt good after it, so it’s something that I’m going to keep on doing.

The baseball faculity I usually go to is not open today, so I’m going to take some dry cuts outside. I’m going to look into borrowing a tee from that place so I can take some more swings when the baseball place closes for the summer.

So far a good day. I’ll update on how my throwing/hitting/umpiring went tomorrow. Such a nice day out!

Throwing felt good. I focused on turn my shoulders more aggressively and in turn I felt like I was putting no effort into throwing the ball. Hopefully the video looks good.

Hopefully umpiring goes well!

Today I have finished everything that I set out to do. I will be posting some new videos today of some drills that I did today.

Today I:
Soft tissue work
heave abs
Band work(warm up and cool down)
cardio(sprint for the first two steps then jog)
Drills for throwing
Hit(short toss and tee work)
Long tossed
Wrist roller

I think that’s it.

When I did my drill work today and long tossed, I focused on keep my arm loose and behind me as long as possible. I tried to almost lead with my chest by turn it before my arm started to come forward. I felt good today moving out and coming in. I got out to around 240-250 ft. My arm was a little sore, but loosened up as I moved in.

I did video tape myself long tossing or when I threw a quick flat set because I didn’t want to worry about anything besides having an explosive chest and having a loose arm. My control while focusing on that was suprisigley good.

Overall a good day. I shall post my new videos either late tonight when I get back from umping or sometime tomorrow.

I love this weather 80 degrees with little wind. Perfect for my shades. 8)

Today I did the following:

-Light abs
-Moved cement blocks(takes the place of doing wrist stuff)
-long tossed, mechanic
-soft tissue work
-stationary bike 15 minutes
-jumprope 200x

That’s about it! Check on my ‘Drill Work’ post in the mechanics thread when you all get the chance.

Great day. Hopefully tomorrow is the same!

My is sore from yesterday and days before that, so I’m going to take today off from throwing/hitting work because my first travel team practice(since the winter) is tomorrow. And I want to be as close to 100% as possible.

I have heating and used the foam roller on my back several times today. I will probably use the foam roller a couple more times today. I have also taken some iboprofin.

Although I’m not throwing, I still plan on accomplishing some things.

So far today, I have done the following:
Soft tissue work
Heated back

Throughout today I plan on doing the following:

Foam roller/back work/heating
Jumprope-carido(Jumprope for 10 minutes)
Band Work
Heavy Abs
Pitch/hitting work(light, dry mechanic work)

If this were the season right now, I could easily play through this pain, but I don’t want this to linger, so I’m going to take as much rest as I can now before the grind of the season starts.

Completed everything that I planned to do today. First practice is tomorrow. Can’t wait.

Good stuff man keep working hard

So far today I have done the follwoing:
-Light abs
-soft tissue work
-Band Work

After my practice tonight I shall do the following:
-Cardio elliptical 30 minutes
-Jumprope 200x
-Cool down Band work

That’s it for today. Hopefully practice goes well!

I threw for a bit today. I made a minor change to my throwing program. On my pulldowns, I work on making outfield type throws as I work myself in. Hopefully this helps create some positive muscle memory for when I’m in the outfield.

Today I did the following:
-Sprints for cardio
-Jump-rope 200x
-soft tissue work
-band work-warm up/cool down
-heavy abs

After I umpire tonight I’m going to work on my hitting for a little bit and after that I will have everything done for today.

You ever think that could be the issue with your arm mechanics, the fact that you throw differently from the OF compared to when you throw when training for Pitching?

It’s like a catcher who also pitches, similar motion but completely different mech’s.

I think the big difference is my leg mechanics. I still try to have the same arm action as when I pitch.

I think I have the same mechanical problems on my outfield throws as when I’m pitching. I rush and try to throw with my arm.

You’re right in saying they are different, but I think that my arm action can remain the same for both throws. I may have to shorten in if I play 3rd of first but the outfield you have time for a longer arm path because of the crow hop and the longer distance of the throws.

Today so far I have not done much. But I have done the following:

-light abs
-soft tissue work
-bar hang(20 seconds) I do this for a little bit everyday, but I didn’t put it on here because it isn’t really a exercise. It’s just a light stretch for my back.

I have practice tonight so I will be doing the following before practice

-wrist work
-band work-warm up
-hit work

During my practice I shall be able to accomplish the following:

-Long toss
-hit work
-outfield work
-cardio-warm up jog/base-running

After my practice today I plan on doing the following

-Jumprope 200x
-Band Work-cool down

Good stuff jimster,

Good to see you’re keeping your arm the same when you’re throwing in the OF

I’m glad that I play outfield because I can work on my arm action whenever I play.

On a side note, I don’t know how good Trevor Bauer is at hitting, but I bet he could make a heck of an outfielder. :baseballpitcher:

:lol: I concur jimster

I have done everything that I planned today aside from stretching which I will be doing shortly.

I also rode on my stationary bike when I got home today for about 15 minutes.

My practice went a lot better from a throwing standpoint. Only on of my throws felt like I was throwing all arm. I also was asked how fast I throw and told that I have a gun, so I must be doing something right haha. 8)

My hitting coming along somewhat, it’s hard to hit my coach throwing though. He’s a former catcher, so he short arms the ball. He also throws it really slow, so it’s odd to time. I still had some good hits though.

First scrimmage is tomorrow. I will most likely get to pitch during the game at some point, so hopefully I get in there, throw some strikes, and have good mechanics. I won’t ask my dad to attend my game tomorrow, since he is still in school(teaching of course). In the future, I will get my dad to video tape me every time I pitch in a game, so I can find more stuff to work on. I think not working on my mechanics throughout the season last year really led to my mechanical let down as the season went.

I will definitely be working on my mechanics throughout the season, which will hopefully help me improve them.

I have no doubt that my hitting, fielding, and pitching will come along at some point. Hopefully they start coming together soon. Hitting will just be timing and keep my mechanics consistent. Fielding will just take me relaxing on every throw I make. Pitching will be the biggest wild card. My arm action feels a lot better than before. Hopefully it translates to the game. It will be hard, but I have no doubt that I can get better every game and every day.

I have done the following today:

-bar hang
-soft tissue work
-light abs

After my scrimmage today I will:

-jumprope 200x
-ice arm(if needed)
-band work

Not too much planned for today. I’m trying to develop my game day routine so I have something that I can do every time I have a game. I plan on doing band work before my scrimmage today and long toss when we warm up.

Hopefully the scrimmage goes well today!