My Baseball Bat

A very good friend of mine was coming back from the West Coast and he got a pen, shaped like a baseball bat. You know, one of those pens they sell in the gift shops at the ball park that in the form of a baseball bat.

He went to eat at the airport before getting on the plane and had to use it to sign for the charge card to pay for the bill. Without thinking, he put the pen in his pants pocket, stood in line to board the plane, then got a pat-down. When the TSA guy got to the pockets, he asked … " what’s that?"

“That’s my bat.”

There was a group of young guys waiting to go through the TSA check point when they overheard the remark.

The guy that was next to my friend turned to his buddies and said… " A bat… a bat… hey let’s all get our bats ready!"

Needless to say the TSA agent was not amused, but my friend saw a lady TSA agent viewing the Xray machine for the stuff on the conveyor belt couldn’t help but break a smile, even gave the ole guy a quick wink.

What’s in your pocket?

Coach B.

If only Mae West had been the airport inspector that day… :lol:

TSA agents are all like that, you know that I would have been cracking up and probably kicked out of line…

Those TSA agents are not known for a sense of humor. :roll: