My back hurts after i pitch. just down my shoulder


Try to get less power from your back and more from your legs and opposite arm. Take a longer stride and follow through with body and arm

ditto. A mistake for youth pitchers is after you release the ball they try to see their pitch. Instead, throw and follow through. Then after you follow trough pick up the ball with your eyes. When you try and see your pitch your pack is not bent which can lead into problems

glad I found this, ive been getting the same problem every few pitches or so.

How severe is the pain? If it’s just stiff, that is normal. Be sure your doing enough leg conditioning also, as you maybe trying to compensate tired legs with your upper body.

Sounds like a deceleration issue to me. Are you an upright pitcher? In other words, do you stay upright or do you flex your torso forward into the pitch and beyond with a long arc of deceleration in your arm action? If you truncate your follow through, you might get similar stresses. Any video you can post?

I agree with DM. Could be a mechanical issue like DM pointed out. Could also be a lack of strength in the decelerators. Or both.

yes i may get a video this summer. also is there any video that may describe my problem?