My Arsonal {need help}

Ok I’m having problem’s with my curveball when I throw it at my Fastball arm slot. It comes out very weird and different then before and I have no control last time I went to practice. Now the splitter did ok and it is sinking good but I can’t keep it down low so thats a problem. And the Fastball is fine.

Should I work on bringing back the change-up and change my splitter to a split-finger fastball?
So that I can have something slow like the change-up and the split-finger fastball that sinks with good speed.

Also since I throw from a low arm slot that is natural to my body. Should I throw a Slider instead of a curveball becuase of control problems?

SO then if I changed I would have

4-seam {fast}
split finger Fb {medium with sink}
slider {medium with lateral and sink movement}
change-up {slow and down movement}

I have fall ball right now so to me it’s time to perfect the pitches I have. Does this look good to you?

I’m going to drop the Curve-ball because puts to much stress on arm when I throw it Fb arm slot.

I’m going to work on 4-seam Fb control and off-speed

My new arsonal

4-seam fastball
split finger fastball {need to improve but is getting better}
change-up {need to work on less rotation and keeping it down in zone}

got ride of change-up when i started new mechanics but I’m going to bring it back becuase im dropping the curve-ball.

Now I will have
Fast straight movement
Medium straight down
Slow down movement

Ristar, look up and work on understanding consistency, I believe it is an attribute that a pitcher needs to have in order to be successful over time. You imo are consistently inconsistent.
In my opinion to acheive the degree of skill you appear to desire it would be in your best interests to not “change” as many things as you do as often as you do. Adjusting is one thing, randomly changing at your whim isn’t a positive assist to your development.

Well im scraping the curve ball because I can’t get it to work from Fb arm slot so I rather focus on more important things that i don’t tip off like a good change-up or splitter. And hittting the glove more and more.

I get outs that’s not a problem it’s just since curve-ball doesn’t fit in arm slot that it needs to be and the change-up and splitter do the hitter will have less time to see what is comeing because i don’t tip it off.

Well you change a lot and you seem unhappy with your performance/development…it is just an observation that you are changing constantly, perhaps you might have better success if you found what suits you best and work on fine tuning instead of changing just because something didn’t work today.

NO I’m happy but the curveball is holding me back since I tip the pitch and can’t throw it in the 4-seam Fb arm slot. So a little change might hurt for present but I will work on control and off=speed pitches I do not tip.

Well a very wise 15 year old once told me “I see it all the time. Kids these days think more is better, when all you really need is a fastball and a changeup”

I wonder if you can guess who this wise old man is??? :wink:

it’s true and I’m going to do that and scrap the nasty curve-ball. So i can focus on 3 pitches that will work for me. I never threw a whole lot of pitches LOL. Only 3

Why does it seem like you always have to change something? It seems not that you stopped changing your mechanics so now your going to change your pitches instead. Just doesn’t make sense.

well if i can’t throw a pitch for a strike and it is hurtting my arm and I tip off the pitch to make it a strike then YES I’m going to change one pitch.

Yea, I agree with everybody here Ristar, you change something everyday. A curveball is a neccesity later on in a pitchers career once you start facing some good Highschool/College level hitters at the legion level, so start developing it now. If your control sucks with it, work on it until you can throw it for a strike, its that simple lol. And I don’t see the point of having both a change and a splitter, unless your changeup runs in on a righthander alot. For example, my change just sinks, which means it would be stupid to have another offspeed pitch that breaks on the same plane. Thats just my two cents tho, do what you will I know your going to anyway.

maybe u got sum emotional problems lol?

our reliever has something like that 2.

if he doesnt get what he wants, he gets pissed start throwing bad, saying he needs to change all.

he just thinks he is better than he actually is.

good think if u wanna GET better, but u hav to control those things.

get ur head clear man. stop changing, pick the best for you.

i would scrap off the change-up. fastball-splitter and you will have the time to work something else in the off season and everything. you could become a 2-pitch pitcher with a change-up to back him up if something isn’t going right one day.

I have a really good curve-ball and it’s nasty but not from my 3/4 arm slot to low 3/4 it seems to not work. When i tilt my shoulder it breakss like 3 feet and very good.

I guess I will keep working on it. The reason for the splitter and change-up is one is average speed like a little under two seam and the chang-up is slower then my splitter.

I don’t feel good with the curve from 3/4 it becomes more a slider and wild how can you throw a power Curve?

My emotional state is fine I just don’t like the curve-ball right now and don’t feel comfortable throwing it.

HOW DO YOU THROW A POWER CURVE? {Grip picture would be nice}
One like dice-k or pedro that kind of power curve

A Power curve is exactly the same as a regular curve, its just thrown at a higher velocity, giving it a shorter and sharper break

So, what, you had trouble throwing a curveball in your front yard one day and you decide to stop throwing it forever? Not smart bro.

Pitching is about change, adaptation, working through adversity. If you just give up the first time you have trouble throwing a pitch you might as well hang up your spikes.

For example, since my freshman year in high school my curve has been my best pitch. Absolutely filthy. I’d throw it to anybody. Bonds couldn’t hit my curve. At least, that’s how I felt about it.

Well, the last couple months, I’ve started throwing a little harder, tweaked my mechanics a bit, and I’ve had trouble with the ol’ deuceball. But will I give it up? No, because my curveball is the one pitch that sets me apart from everybody else. I’m gonna keep working on it, maybe trying a different grip or release point, and you know what? Eventually I’m gonna find it again, and it’ll be better than before.

Honestly man, stop changing things. Work with whatcha got.

Oh, and since hitters of his time said Koufax’s curve broke 2 feet, I seriously doubt yours breaks 3 feet.

Well no I wasn’t throwing in my yard I was throwing in practice at full speed vs hitters that were good. I will work on a power curve to get a small break with more control.

Well the point were trying to make is that you shouldnt change everything just because you have an off day. Do you think Hoffman stops throwing his changeup just because his control is off with it one day? Absolutely not, he works with it until he gets it back, he doesn’t go and start from scratch.

Exactly, why change something because it doesn’t work one day?

A good example being Tim Wakefield, if he has an off day and spins a few do you think he scraps it? No he would be essentially boned.