My arm

i was wondering if something i do wiht my arm is bad. Most pitchers bring there arm back and a little to the side . I bring my arm to where the ball is pointing almost at the first baseman.Is this bad? Does is hinder velocity?
Should i try to fix this?

Are you a right handed pitcher?

yes i am

Maby someone else here knows what you mean but I’d have to see a video of it to really tell you.

this is the best i can do…my arm would be where the redline is and the ball would be pointing at the first baseman. I literally bring mya rm back almost completely sideways i know ts a little hard to imagine but…

And you don’t have any arm problems?

You were probably taught to get your arm back like most coaches say to throw as hard as possible even though this isn’t correct.

I’d change it if I were you.

and yes it could rob you of some velocity.

ohter than a little soreness in my shoulder no. No one taught me to bring my arm back like that its just the way ive always thrown. Ive tried to fix it but its hard for me to just bring it strait back like most pitchers cause ive been doing it like this for the10 years that ive been pitching. I cant think of anyway to fix it beacuse even when i change it sooner or later i just go back to doing wht my arm knows and thats to bring it all the way back… :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

any one no any solution to this problem. Any drills or something? :slight_smile:

Try speeding up your tempo. If you give the arm less time to do its thing, it should adjust - hopefully by shortening up the motion.

there is one solution… i did something similar myself… but a coach told me in the long run i tear one of my ligaments if i kept doing it… this wat he told me to do and it works magnificently… at home or at the feild stand in front of a fense or wall stand in a position so that tour back is almost touching the fense or wall… just practice bringing up your at a 12 to 6 or 11 to 5… everytime you dont do it the right way your arm will hit the wall or fense therefore telling you it was not correct… do it everyday 40 to 50 times with or without ball and youll see you wont go back to the way you used to throw and prevent future injuries good luck trust me it works… and focus on your wrist too you may gain some instant heat with nice wrist movement

^^^^ :?: :?: i dont understand that?do u have a picture or website link?

Ill try to clarify it for you…

Find a wall or fence.
Stand with your back to it, a few inches away.
Bring your arm up in your normal fashion as if your were throwing a pitch, if it hits the wall, your arm has gone too far back.

Hope i helped.

^ Thanks for the help but i think you and pedro are misunderstood. Its not that i bring my arm to far back its that when i bring it back it goes too far to the side. To explain if u were a lefty batting and i was pitching u would be able to see wht im throwing cause i bring the my arm strait to the side. Ill try and get a video to further explain.

You mean you are bringing it to the side, as in behind you… So i would see your arm on the left side if i were batting? If so, that would help, if not, you’ll have to explain further.

yea you would see my arm on the left

This should help, i guess i should clarify… when i said your back to teh wall, i meant literally your back to the wall, not your back in relation to home plate.

You would stand so that if you were to lean backwards you would be leaning against the wall.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Not a problem, glad to help.