My arm sometimes hits my knee

my PAS arm sometimes hits my glove side arm leg after follow through.
i dont think i have a high 3/4 arm slot so i dont know if the arm angle plays a role in it or what


I don’t really know, but this sounds kinda logical to me.

When you throw the ball, you would essentially want to release it at the highest velocity in your arm motion. The follow through is just the energy going somewhere. So you would have your arm accelerating, reaching it’s max speed, the ball comes out in there, and then it decelerates.

I just think you might be carrying too much speed past the point of release.

Do you do it when you’re not throwing hard?

Without seeing a video its hard to give a definitive answer. But from what you describe I wouldn’t worry about it. It’s probably a sign you have a good follow through and finishing with your throwing arm going across your opposite leg. I used to get a bruse on the inside of my throwing arm
from doing the same thing.

I do the same thing same arm slot too. The reason this happens is sometimes you might be overly aggresive with your follow through which is a good thing because it helps your velocity. Dont worry about it just let it happen.