My arm hurts

After i work out and try to throw my arm feels tight and hurts. Shouldnt working out help?

First of all, I don’t know if it’s just me, but when I’m working out (arms, specifically for your problem) I can’t really do much with the when I’m done, let alone throw.

What you’re doing is breaking muscle fibers by working out, which by all means is a good thing. They will grow back stronger, but then you go and throw. I don’t know the protocol for working out + throwing, but generally I don’t work out the day before or the day of a game.

Out of curiosity, where does it hurt, and what muscle groups were you working?

yeah i meant to say i throw the next day or two i never throw right after i work out. Its not necessarly pain in my arm its just really tight, like my tendons are tight i dont know, and my arm gets tired way faster. I guess im just working my arms way to hard. Should i do lighter weight but more reps when i work out?

Just give your body time to recover. You can still throw a ball around, but don’t be throwing your best stuff probably until two days after. So if you’re pitching on Wednesday, workout on Monday and give your body that time to recover.

as long as its tightness you can throw the day after start out with short throws to loosen it up then start long tossing after a while when its loose. Thats what starting pitchers do the day after they pitch.