My arm feels dead? Big drop in velocity? What should I do?

I have had past arm injuries of both my shoulder and elbow, so this year I made sure I kept my arm in the best of care. Howver, in the past 2 weeks my arm has felt slow, just as if I had thrown a game. I pitched great during high school season with no arm troubles and good velocity. Now I am playing for a 16u showcase team with tournaments about every weekend and practice 2 times a week between games. Everytime I throw my arm doesnt hurt, it feels tired and my velocity has droped 10mph! This is very frusturating, and I am woried about my arm, I have given it rest receantly but I havent seen any improvements. If anyone has an answer please let me know.

what do you do to condition the arm in season?

Do you use tubing before and after game?
Do you run before and after game?

According to the NPA, dead arm is a deficit situation caused by the body’s inability to recover from daily use. Recovering from dead arm relies on rest and good nutrition. The NPA says you should cut back your work load to about 70% until your arm recovers.

Irun 10 minutes vefore and after a gamr, plus run 10 minutes the next day. I also do longtoss 3x a week on top of pitching about 5 innings a week. I use resitance cords and weirghts from the complete pitchers book prior to a start

Not sure if I’m supposed to do this but I’d hate to see you hurt your arm so here is a paragraph from an article titled, “Coming Back from Dead Arm”, by Ryan Sienko of the NPA.

Since dead arm is a deficit issue, it is counter productive to work harder to cure it. Many pitchers overwork into a ‘black hole’ that is difficult from which to return. Ultimately they and their coaches are convinced that dead arm is due to not enough work, when in fact it is just the opposite. The body has been put in a deficit from over use. Dead arm is a result of this deficit which is the body’s way of not letting us overextend it. The body is basically trying to protect itself from injury.

You may need to cut back.

I’m just going to cut back on my throwing. That article Roger posted was very similar to my case. My dad and coach think im not throwing enough, and need to do more longtoss. The weird thing about it my arm doesnt hurt, it just feels tired.