My arm always herts after throwing

it doesnt matter if im pitching or if im just throwing to first from third it always herts my arm. i was just wondering is there somthing i can do before games or practices to make sure it doesnt hert while im playing?

See a doctor. Your arm hurting after throwing a hundred fastballs is understandable, but not being able to throw around in the infield. You should see a doctor. Also remember to stretch your arm before you throw.

Tubing before and after you throw would be good to do. Also buy Tuff CUff that will help you get strong and fight off injury’s. it has everything you need to know in the book.

Haha Ristar. Before I even scrolled down I’m like tubing, ten bucks says RIStar already said it sure enough :lol: :lol: :lol: :wink:

Rest for a week then try throwing. That happened to me because I had 3 hours of baseball or more every day and one day I had to pitch, then I had to play shortstop the next day and then pitch the day after that. i rested for a week and my arm felt great. Try it.

Lets just say tubing is what the pros do so DO IT. Steven Ellis used tubing and so should you go to a minor/major league game most of the pitchers use tubing.

You should probably be checked out by a doctor to make sure you don’t have an injury. Then you should have a knowledgeable coach look at your mechanics (pitching and general throwing) to make sure you’re not doing something that’s causing the pain (and injury if you have one).