my age

hi everybody i have a question: i’m a college pticher, i’m 21 years old. i’m left handed pitcher and i can throw 86 87 fastball top 89. i want to get the 90’s but i dont if i can get that with this age. really my goal is put my fastball 90 92 constanty. can anybody tell me any advice or explain me at which age you should be in the top of your skills.

Everyone is different; some people throw their hardest at 18 and others at 29. Generally, your “peak” will be somewhere between those two ages.

Sometimes all a pitcher needs is a new throwing program, or a slight tweak in mechanics, or a little more overall body strength, or all three, to add a few more MPH on the fastball.

From my personal experience I coached a college pitcher who topped out at 87-88 MPH when he graduated. He had great mechanics but was a stringbean, about 6’3", 175. Eventually he filled out to a shade under 200 lbs., gaining a lot of leg strength, and hit 92-93 MPH in his mid-20s (in MLB !).

I played against another guy (lefthander, too) in high school who was clocked at 83 MPH as an 18-year-old. He was already a big kid — actually a much better football player, at 6’3, 230 — but his mechanics weren’t too great. He played three years of D1 football then decided to try baseball again. Well, someone must have fixed his mechanics because all of a sudden he was throwing 95-96 consistently. Today he is in the bullpen for the NY Yankees; Ron Villone will be the first one to tell you he was barely the third-best pitcher on his high school team!

So, it’s possible you haven’t yet peaked. I’d suggest finding a good pitching coach / instructor to assess your mechanics, either through your college or a pro scout. If your mechanics are good, you might be able to add some speed through a physical training regimen that includes strengthening your legs and your core (middle), plyometrics, and a structured throwing program.

Good luck!