My age

hi everybody i’m new here.!

my name is luis robles. actually, i’m

pitching in a junior college here in georgia. at this time i’m training in the
weight room because want to improve my arm strength for the next college
season. i’m a left handed pitcher, i can throw 85-87 top 89 mhp i want to
the 90’s miles but i dont know how. also i’m 21 years old and i want to know
i am in my top potential. i dont know if i’m lifting weights right.

Welcome to the boards! What sort of training are you doing right now? As in, what kind of exercises are you performing, and how often are you performing those exercises? Also, if you have any video of yourself pitching, you should post it on the pitching mechanics page. Little tweaks here and there can possibly add a few miles per hour to your fastball.

:smiley: ok thanks buddy.! acctually i’m doing more upper boddy than low body (low body tuesday, thursday) upper boddy (monday wendesnay, friday) in the morning. i run everyday about 3 milles after a pitchingday ( i’m playing a kind of summer league but i pitch only sundays), also after the weight room , i throw long toss just tuesday and thursday) and wendesnay just for 40-60 feet. friday a very long bullpen to be ready for sunday.

now i dont if i’m doing well, if i need to change something or eventually everything…! . to be honest i feel ok when i’m pitching on sundays, but not to throw seven or eight inings. may be because of the weight program that i do, or may i’m “overtraining”.

in addicion, when i finished my season in college i stopped to throw for just one an a half week.after that i began the program that i’m doing.

please, can anybody give me any advice or tell me if i’m doing something wrong :?: :?: :?:

During the season I’d stick to 2 full body workouts. Offseason I’d probably do 4x/week. You are doing too much upper body now. Your lower body is definitely more important and right now your upper body isn’t getting enough time to recover. What do your coaches have to say about lifting?