My 9 year old loves pitching


I’m Neal from Nashville, TN . My son played baseball this past year and has improved quite a lot over this spring and fall seasons. He didn’t play in 2010 and was behind the rest of his teammates in the spring. By the end of the spring he was catching up with the other 9 year olds on his team. He decided to play fall ball this year wanted to pitch. In the early spring he could barely throw the ball from 3rd base to the dugout. He work all summer and in the fall was able to pitch in 4 games. He had 12k’s 6BB. He said he wants to get better so he can have more strikeouts in the spring. We are glad to be here and we will post videos and seek help. I’m not a pitching coach, I’m just a dad who wants the best for his son.

Neal Hargrove


That’s great, welcome.

Wow he’s better than me when I was 9 when I was nine I just rocketed the ball and hitting the other kids but I am now much better