My 8 y.o.?

My 8 y.o. has a habit of having his back and shoulders arched (arched back) and head tilted when in the power position. Looks like the arm get’s dragged through and tends to have a higher release point. Anyone been through this and have a suggestion to fix?

You just have to take things step-by-step. I suggest recording his mechanics and showing him what he’s doing wrong. That way, he’ll correct it himself. It may take him a while but allowing him to understand what’s holding him back when dealing with mechanics is a good thing. I take criticism well when developing my mechanics. Good luck!

Any thoughts on a lower hand break?

Are you asking about his arm dragging? His body is probably moving faster than him arm which will cause a higher release and less velocity. Try speeding up his arm a little and see where that goes. Also, follow through and get your chest relatively near your knee. I can’t stress that enough.

Try to post video of him. That’s the best way to get an accurate assessment of what he’s doing right and wrong.