My 4 seam fast ball - please help

i really need help with my 4seam fastball b/c most of the time i try throwing it it tends to go way out of the strike zone. if i throw it 2 a right handed batter i might most likly beam him. but my 2 seam is pretty sick though. can u please help me with it? thank you

It sounds like you are throwing your two pitches differently. The real difference should only be the grip.

Since you are missing up and in, I’d say that you are probably rushing when throwing your 4-seamer. By that I mean that you are moving your lower body forward too quickly (e.g. striding forward too quickly) such that your arm is not in the proper position when your shoulders start to turn. You need to either not stride toward the plate so powerfully or break your hands earlier (which will get your pitching arm up and ready sooner).

well when i throw my 4seam over my head it misses up n in but when i pitch it a like an 80 degree angle i tend to hit the plate with some movement. but i can never trust my 4seam i have 2 go with my 2seam for most of the game n i dont want 2 do that. n im still kinda working on that gyroball b/c my splitter is not really effective.

There’s no point in learning to throw a gyroball if you can’t get your 4-seamer over the plate.

for my 4 seam should i bring down the speed alittle? so it will go across the plate

That’s what Sandy Koufax had to do (and he was no slouch).