My 2seam is a shutto!

Yep its dirty. When I throw it, it’s a reverse slider with a hard sweeping break into righties. I am a righty too. Really really good pitch which could seperate me from the other D1 pitchers!

D1 and loving it

You got accepted to a D1 college?

what school?

Liberty University

and your name is?

confidential you idiot, why would he tell you where hr is you unknow dude on the internet. like this other guy who dont believe i throw a forkball at 75mph want to know where i go to it’s like yeah so you can come and kiddnap me you 40 year old fat man you know

Are you RawTalent? I don’t think so. Don’t speak for him. Your the only idiot here. We had a case where someone lied about being a D-1 pitcher so we’re curious if this is someone who is lying. I don’t care what you throw and how fast you throw, your rude and annoying.

i’m thinking this is more proof he’s a little 12 year old that couldn’t break a pane of glass.

wow thats really retarted

oh and rawtalent congradulations on making the team. Correct me if im wrong but i believe your a flame :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Actually im not officially on the team im in the process of training with baseball players because the season really hasnt started yet. Um so i been working out hard…Anyone ever see the movie 300. well im pretty much doing that work out plan. And yes i am a flame and they havent won a championship since 2000 so now ive come to be the flames saviour lol

My name is confidential for now because im still tryin to make a name for myself and i really dont want people to ruin it like they did in high school.

You can call me Fern for short like the plant lmao

lol alright Fern. Good luck in making the team and hope to hear good things.

I’m not believing it untill I hear a name.

lol 3 and 0 i could care less what you think your an ignorant little kid who always needs to hear it his way. How do I know? Because ive read a series of your post and instead of giving good advice your implying that you are always correct. So um shush and let me do me…kk bye this ends the post from here

Congrats RawTalent (or Fern whichever you perfer) and even though the season hasn’t started yet you still made it. Nice job. Good luck with the D1 competition and how do you hold and throw your shutto? sounds pretty nasty to me

Ya great job RawTalent i no a lot of pitchers who really tried to make it to d1 but just couldnt. Congrads and good luck. And hopefully ill be in d1 in years to come.

Simple hold it like a two seam but put your two fingers in between the seam on the leather and the thumb more to the left of the ball. when releasing it your fingers should be pointing up at about 2 oclock Ex. When you throw a fastball your fingers are poiintin at 12 o clock. So throw it like that and try to get as much Roll from the ball.