My 23 yr old son and path to next level


Bear with me…
My son, out of high school was still growing. Topped at 81. D3 was his Avenue. He was gaining 2 to 3 mph every year, as he grew. His Jr. year he was hitting 90 mph.
Summer after jr year he suffered a UCL injury ,August of 2017. Had surgery April 5th, 2018 with Dr. Michael Ciccotti, Phillies head surgeon.
11 months from the day of his Surgery, 3/5/19, he took the mound again, to close the game and get the save. He was already hovering 85, touching 86, but thought he was 79 to 80. He still isn’t allowed to let loose.
It takes 24 months to fully recover and he’s a 5th year senior.
My questions are… 1) Do any of you have an idea of where he could keep playing, post college until that 24 months are up?
2) Or what he should do until full recovery so he can give the next level a shot.
3) How would he go about trying out down the road?
We’re not expecting MLB, he just wants to give it a try.

Thanks all!!


I’m sorry I didn’t see this post a few weeks ago when you first posted it. There are a few independent leagues that may be worth exploring. They generally will take players up to 26 years old and have tryouts throughout the country throughout the summer.

I’d be interested to hear what others think, too.