My 2008 baseball season highlight video

any suggestions for me to change in my mechanics?

I like what I see. Great tempo and I like guys that have a bit of violent action in there pitching, just like Carlos Gomez does. Which is your best off speed pitch? From the videos it looks like your fast ball has some great movement. Theres not much I see that needs changing. My only concern would be the sometimes violent arm back lash you have during your follow through. Not sure if you have read anything with Nolan Ryan and Tom House but I’m some what positive that they said you have 3 muscles to accelerate your arm and only 2 to decelerate, so when you whip back your arm after your follow through you put more stress on those 2 muscles which are already at a disadvantage. I do the same thing and its defiantly not an easy task to fix. This one is hard to tell with the video, but to me it kinda looks like you slow down your momentum a bit on some of your off-speed pitches, but I can’t really tell, all I can tell you is that you want both your change and curve to have the same delivery as your fastball. But over-all I like what I see. What are your plans for after HS. If I’m right your a jr. this year?

you know the velocity on the pitches?

4-seam - 82-86
i dont know the speed of my change

Looks good man. They just watched your 2-seam crawl back into the strike zone.

any others?

anyone else?

Is an SAT score of 1650 out of 2400?

Mechanics look good. I’m surprised you only had 39 Ks in 40 IP. Of course, there’s the possibility that I just didn’t read it correctly.

why were you surprised on my k’s i had 39 in 46.66 to be exact and yes 1650 out of 2400

I think you have great pitching mechanics. I’ve been telling a few others to check out with Dick Mills because he’s got the most scientific and experimental research with pitching.

One thing I noticed was that, like even some pro’s, you get off balance at the follow through. You fall away to your left. I’ve heard instructors say the weight should be on the inside of the foot and not the outside…eventually could cause an arm injury in time or a tad loss in velocity and control. But your control looks good.

nice pitching

your 2 seamer has great movement

lol, the catcher is a midget in the 1st game

you that is isnt helping me dodgerzone…and he is actually 5’9 he isn’t a midgit

Looks good.

That 2-seamer is dirty.

that was a dirty circle change in the beginning of the highlight. looks pretty smooth

If you could add velo to that two seam and keep the movement you would deff be a prospect

From what I understand he graduates next year so that could be something to work on. And for the guy who said 39 K’s surprised him was becuase from what it looks like your stuff could get you more than that. I think it was a compliment. You have a good ERA so you probably get some ground balls. I don’t think it was an insult.

big problem is, sometimes when gaining velocity movement is sacrificed. Its a double edged sword sometimes

how do i gain velocity…like i have been lifting but it hasn’t made a difference really yet…also how do you throw a slider anyone?

Stay on top of the ball as you release it.