My 2-seam is strange

Well, as you know I ain’t exactly a power pitcher, in fact I’m the exact opposite. Well since moving my arm angle up I picked up on the 2-seam fastball, how do I get it to tail back? I throw it and it has a cutter movement.

lower arm angle

i throw hogh sidearm and get some good cutting

Well I throw a very low angle and I guess that’s what causes it that. Right?

I throw high 3/4 to overhand, and I get quite a bit of run on my two seamer.

you might tighten down on your middle finger… Or moving your index finger farther back on the ball.

To get started trying to make movement you might play with just lifting the pad of the index finger off the ball rest the base of the index finger against it Don’t make this your habbit though, just get used to playing with grip to understand what finger makes which movement.

The only reason I say this is that there are two methods of thinking about release and depending on which way you think about it could make a differnet result… When I say “Tighten on middle finger” if you do it wrong you might drive that finger down and it’ll cause the ball to leave on the index finger more… straighter pitch I think thats it, I’m sidearm who knows?

EDIT -> I’m not sure know it might be reverse on which finger does what… in short, if you don’t want to move your arm angle to get the movement then playing with the position and pressure is probably key…

Not neccasarily tighten down either, you may find that you can be easier on the pressure on one finger or the other and that may be the problem… When I was about 9 I used to deathgrip the ball cause I was afraid to throw it over the backstop :stuck_out_tongue: Hold it more like an egg and not a ball ?