My 13 Years old brother mechanics

This is a video of my 13 year old brother pitching in his league, aside from the low arm slot (we are already working on that) how do you coach and trainers see his mechanics.

Its just from one angle, but ill bring more angles tomorrow when he pitches again. Thank you in advance

I see a number of things that could be improved.

(1) He needs to stabilize his head. At release his head really dives to the glove side.

(2) He needs to stabilize his glove. He sweeps the glove across in front which isn’t necessarily bad but he lets it swing down and to the side which leads to the shoulders opening up and to a big posture change late in the delivery. He needs to make sure it is still out front when the front foot plants and then he simply needs to turn it over tucking the elbow down and then bring the chest to the glove.

(3) He appears to plant the front foot too closed for my liking. I feel this also contributes to the late posture change because it leads to bending at the waist to get the upper body going toward the target.

(4) I think he needs a longer stride. Have him try to lead with the front hip longer into his stride instead of immediately reaching with the front foot.

he;s got the hideki okajima head thing going on … you think he’s got a low arm slot? I don’t.

Thank you for your insights, thought i caught another tape of him, because in the former one he was way gassed, in this one he is well rested.

About the head move, i checked into that frame by frame and i didnt notice any drastic movement of the head.

About the arm slot he used to trhow with a low arm slot trying to imitate Randy Johnson but his coach and I really worked into it and now he is throwing normal.

This is the other video i took of him in 5/15/07 in the first inning, called strike 3 fastball:

This kid’s stride is far too short. He gets very little momentum generated toward the plate and falls off to the right. Lengthen his stride by getting the front hip moving earlier and longer. This will take some practice to get the timing right because his arm action timing has been done with the short stride.

He tilts his head to the glove side a lot. And it appears his head veers off to the glove side as well. He can tilt the shoulders but, in my opinion, he needs to keep the head upright. And he needs to keep it in line with the target into release.

In addition to getting the front hip going, I think he also needs to fix the head and glove movements to really keep from falling off.

He also needs better shoes. Note the slide when the front foot attempts to land.

Thanks everyone for your opinions. I will focus first with the stride, what do we expect if he gets a longer stride??? More MPH?? It would go in detriment of his control??? About the shoes, you are right, I will buy him new ones tomorrow.

Thank you again…

[quote=“ExtremeR”]I will focus first with the stride, what do we expect if he gets a longer stride??? More MPH?? It would go in detriment of his control???[/quote]Just remember to not make the longer stride so much of a goal by simply reaching out farther with the front foot. It should be the result of better momentum toward the plate. As far as benefits go, it COULD result in more velo and possibly even control BUT only if that momentum is efficiently transferred up the chain and it’s repeatable. All of that becomes fodder for all sorts of discussions and video analyses. I don’t see a lot wrong with the kid’s mechanics overall and really believe that more sideways momentum, with the accompanying required timing, will help him along his way with effective practice.

it’s hard to tell from the camera angle but it appears that he may be tilting his trunk to far back. Hence the reason why he need to land on a slightly closed foot and still falling off to his left side. take a camera angle from the back to see if he is arching his back, head should be positioned over his post leg. In trying to develope a higher arm slot he may compensated by tilting his trunk.

best of luck