My 12YO game videos


These are from Tuesday’s game . He’s 12.5YO, 5-4/125, topps out 65-66 and sits 60-62 with a VG CU and a CB that’s pretty effective when he throws it. BTW, sorry they’re all shot at 420fps. I told my camerawomen to shoot some regular vids but she didn’t follow orders…guess I’ll have to reconsider allowing her to continue to live in my home:grin: There’s plenty of intent in his delivery!


Bumping for some input! (We are working on getting the LF a little more open).


A lot to like.
I like his separation at foot strike.
Good firm front leg as well. I would imagine he is pretty strong for his age…a lot of older pitchers still struggle with the firm front leg.
You are trying to get his LF (left foot?) a little more open?..Is he throwing across his body?
It doesn’t really look that way from the side view.


He does tend to throw across and not get his shoulders square to the plate. Notice how his toe kicks up dirt as he turns his hips.


I didn’t notice that.
I am not a real “mechanics” guy, hopefully some others with more insight can pipe in.
So, when you say opening his foot your mean getting it pointing toward the target, not that his foot is not in line with the target or are both things happening?
The first question would be if that is caused by a movement limitation or just habit.


His hip seems to be pretty open. He does a decent job of pointing his toe at the plate during BP. It just seems that in games it’s not ingrained enough that he’s doing it automatically. I’ve screwed two-by-fours down on the mound to force him to point his toe to home plate. Just looking for some help and ideas. I’m also looking for any other areas we need to work on.