My 12 year old what do you think


Here is some videos of my 12 year old we are looking to see what you think


He lifts his knee and brings it back down to the ground before he gets his lower half moving towards the target. As a result he is limited in the forward momentum he generates. If he gets his lower half (butt moving to the target) sooner,faster and more aggressive I think you would see a nice velocity increase. He looks to have good size and athleticism for his age, but he isn’t using enough of it. The Hershiser Drill would be my first recommendation. Good luck!


Thank you I appreciate you taking the time to look. Yes he is 5’7" and weights 110 he is lanky and athletic. He just turned 12 and has good velocity he lives around 68-73 MPH. I
l will show him what you think sometimes when it comes from someone other than dad he listens. Do you think his front foot plant can be a few inches more open, its hard to tell from this angel but i feel like he stays closed and is throwing across his body. Not a lot just a just a few inches too closed.


I wouldn’t be too concerned with that. Correcting issues at the start of the delivery can often clear up things down the line, although I have never been someone that believes that a slightly open or closed stride is an issue in most cases. I definitely do not like a pitcher thinking about where they are landing.


Thanks again we start with The Hershiser Drill and ill post new next month.


There is some discussion that a flat throwing arm at front foot strike is a timing issue that can lead to elbow problems. I’m not a fan of the person that leads that school of thought, but the theory does seem to have some merit.


Not sure if his arm is totally flat at footprint? What do you see.?


I agree with grfett’s comments and I’d add the following. Since this pitcher is tall and lanky, he likely lacks the core strength to stabilize posture throughout the delivery - especially as he fatigues. So, I’d scrunch him down a bit to lower his center of gravity and put him in a more athletic position. Put some bend in his knees and waist.


I know of the theory you’re referring to and I think it is flawed because it assumes all pitchers take the same amount of time between front foot strike and the high-cocked position - that all pitcher’s arms take the same path and move at the same speed. In my opinion, judging arm position at front foot strike is meaningless.


After looking into this more i agree with you. I am working on the Hershiser drill and I’m going to have him scrunch down a bit like you suggest. We are in season so I don’t want to change to much he is very successful without the adjustments but i look forward to working on it.



He’s got very minimal force production with his lower half, he’s opening his shoulders a bit early, his stride is short, and he’s not getting enough trunk flex through release.


Thanks coach we work on his core, mechanics and post some more video in the future.


Do have any suggestions on what I can do to help him correct his mechanics. TIA


Wanted to ask you a question. Do you think if he separated his hand break at a 45 degree angle he would have better hip action and shoulder hip separation?


I’m not of the belief that hand break would have any effect on his hip drive or hip/shoulder separation. The initial hip drive that is important happens before and at the very beginning of hand break. Hip/shoulder separation is determined by proper timing along with strength/mobility in the core and hips.


He could get more hip thrust by working on side lunges, or anything else you can think of to give him lateral explosiveness. He needs to make a powerful first move down the target line a high priority. I’m using a bit of hyperbole to get a good rhyme here, but he needs to cruise down the target line and not ooze down the target line.


thank you