My 12 year old got elbow tendinitis


I have rested his arm the past two weeks, he has been able to do all other activities with feeling anything. We are going to throw light tomorrow for first time in two weeks. Any advice on this matter would be helpful.


He threw 40 tosses at 40-50% with no pain :)-


My kid got a case in the fall of his freshman year. HS coach had them on a pretty intense throwing program so difficult to get much of a break. He had pain around or after release of the ball. Every time he thought he’d shook it the pain came back when he threw full speed or longer distances. He finally talked to coach who let him take 10 days off any throwing. Came back and has never had a problem since; this was three years ago. Based on two weeks rest this may be the end of it. My understanding is over time it can become chronic and difficult to overcome without prolonged rest. If your son slowly progresses to full speed pain free hopefully that’ll be the end of it. Just curious; who made the diagnosis?


Stay on the ibuprofen/naproxen for a couple of weeks.


Certainly good news he’s back to throwing pain free. At some point here, I’d add some elbow and forearm exercises to build strength in addition to the shoulder/tubing/rotator cuff exercises he’s (hopefully) already doing.


The symptoms lead the coaches and I to decide to give him two weeks rest and see how he progressed. He is feeling good after his first progression.


Sounds like he just had a mild case, same as mine. Think I said it had been 3 years but actually 2. A little bit of rest is all that’s needed sometimes.


Yes it was a mild case. I will continue throw with him every other day, we are hoping to return to the bump in April . Thanks


Thanks Steven, Yes he has Resistance Bands that he usees to exercise.


I had elbow tendinitis when I was 11 or 12. The doctor seemed to think it was more related to basketball then baseball - because I did both at the same time. I was given therapy and stretching exercises to do. I didn’t throw or shoot a basketball for two weeks and had therapy 3 more times. I haven’t had a problem since then.


My boy passed all throwing test and is returning to the bump this weekend. Thanks for all your thoughts.